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“Zombie Drug” – The Truth About Flakka

A few years ago, a new synthetic drug called Flakka appeared in Florida. It wasn’t long before viral videos and sensationalized news reports of alleged Flakka …

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  1. At some point when you have offered to help people get their life back over and over again and they still chose this self destructive path there needs to be the option of euthanasia , some people just do not want to live no matter how much you do to save them !!!!

  2. Fuck all y'all dope pushing retards. Y'all the ones that say fuck the system the most. But guess who brought them in the first place? Y'all work for the system willingly but unknowing who your real boss is. If you get locked up. You got the same employer tho dumbass. Hustle and studying. Same thing homie. Someone will help a trying kid over a "trying" grown m
    an! Go watch Made or read about Philip Marshal.

  3. Imagine what would happen if responsible people went on strike for a month. No magic food, water, medical fairies appearing to keep the trash roaches of society alive. They would eat each other and the liberals that like to keep them as pets, before offing themselves. Then we could live in peace and much less debt as a society.

  4. Where do people come up with these chemicals that others can take and get addicted? Whose the bio-chemist?

  5. Yep… I haven't even watched the video yet, and I already know… another hipster, pussy, 30-something, WHITE, nerdy asshole reporting for Vice… one of the most racist groups doing documentary work out there. Somebody PLEASE do a documentary on Vice as to why they're such obvious fuckin snowflake pussies. Whose agenda are they serving???

  6. The CIA produced this video. All in order to introduce the drug to the country. Nor only that but to teach you how to smoke it, sell it and where to get it.
    The guy doesn't even talk like someone who's grindin.

  7. Gosh Vice ….. "Bath Salts" isn't just one chemical, it's an umbrella term for chemical drugs that weren't per name banned yet by laws.
    When newsmedia say it's "like" bath salts they just throw a buzzword around to make us link it with the rest of their articles they want us to search for and read. Usually they'll make that searching easier by turning the sentence into a clickable link.


  8. Why do I find it disgusting when I see someone lighting a blunt? It really really disgusts me and I've been around weed all of my life. Why did the black guy put the word "chemicals" in air quotes?

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