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Zero citations issued in the year since Albuquerque decriminalized marijuana

Zero citations issued in the year since Albuquerque decriminalized marijuana.

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  1. and how many times have these LOSER STONERS put themselves behind the wheel of a car and hurt or KILLED someone?
    or how many people have now progressed from pot which is now legal
    to the not so legal meth, coke and heroin
    let's look at crimes like robbery and rape and see if those numbers are going up
    but hey it's not my fault I was stoned
    and lets not forget it's not an addiction it's a disease
    oh but that would not support the agenda of the LIBTARDS
    to dumb down an already dangerously ignorant population.
    don't believe me?
    just read all the replies to this

  2. Now New Mexico needs to follow Nevada and make it illegal to do pre-employment drug tests.

  3. “ marijuana is not a burning issue”…. I strongly disagree while I burn one

  4. Cannabis should've just been legalized, taxed and use the money to help fun schools and our roads.

  5. Just moved from a state that legalized it and it does not stay where it’s supposed too and ppl use and drive with it and smoke in the park and festivals. I couldn’t take my kids anywhere even the zoo without walking into a cloud of it and it gets into your clothes. So gross 😢🤢

  6. That's good since I've Been diagnosed with h-py, cancer and autism, just had surgery and my doctor want me to take oxy instead of marijuana for the pain. None of my doctor's want to sign my medical card, so I have to now buy it illegally and use it for my cancer and pain.

  7. and now i can drive down the street without smelling the reek of it . we need to take the same stance CHINA does , first offense is prison , second one is a bullet to the head and a bill to the family for the cost of the bullet !

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