Seriously.. I dont know much about this Mercury Retrograde, But everyone i know kept bringing it up to Me this entire week. I dont know if i believe in all of it …

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  1. I wonder if the cats were rolling around bc you had just cleaned the floor and they smelt it? My friend’s dog does weird things like that. If you’ve just gotten out of the shower or just pulled clean clothes outta the dryer he’ll come and roll all over the scent. It’s the weirdest thing lol 😆

  2. Just know that you are not alone. It’s nice to know that other people in this world can relate to me. I also suffer from anxiety and depression. Your house is beautiful. You clean it as much as you want. Haters will hate but we love you!

  3. I feel you girl! This Mercury Retrograde was a rough one. I had several La Croix explode inside my refrigerator! Why?🤷‍♀️

  4. I cried alot of last week and had so much anxiety I passed out! It's better now but girl, I can relate….❤❤

  5. I’m sorry you had a bad day!
    Your cat 🐈 babies and seeing Alan after work will help you get thru it!

    Ps- I hate to vacuum but I have enough crumbs in my sofa to make muffins 😂

  6. Btw I've been on CBD oil everyday for 2 months, and it's been amazing! It's not a cure for anxiety, and depression but it definitely helps a lot. Also I don't get cramps during my period anymore HALLELUJAH!

  7. Why don't you have a garbage can? Just curious to know why you hang it on your cabinet

  8. I’m sorry it’s been so bad for you……
    Yesterday I found my cat hiding in his box 🙁 he died….
    And everything that could go wrong went wrong
    I feel you girl yesterday was just a weird day……..
    also I heard from others yesterday was a weird day for them too

  9. Girl your place always looks beautiful and clean
    You got this 💞💞💞💞

  10. Retrograde !!!! It always messes with me – this totally makes sense why ive felt something heavy on my shoulders!! I did not know that we were in retrograde but that makes total perfect sense now hearing it from you n how i been thinking lately. Also the CBD oil has helped me get off of all of the opiates, barbiturates and narcotics prescribed by the doctor (I was being overly medicated & treated for what they assumed was all physical pain), also healed a bleeding ulcer plus got rid of a blood pressure pill!!! Go me!! It truly heals your body from the inside out. I dont know if you are replacing any anxiety meds with your CBD or if you're just using it for extra hard days, but 250mg is not a whole lot girl. I commend you for sharing this and bringing this topic up to bring awareness but do not feel bad or down if you feel like it's not enough because it is a starter dose that you are getting. To quit all the bad drugs and get through withdrawal & level out my anxiety – I was up to 1000mg. (Totally safe and natural) ☺💯💃 K ? Girl, k? hehe ☮,❤&🤘🤗 Love ya & hang in there!! 😉

  11. It was that way for me for the next 2 days no joke lol anyways hope it better love ya girl 💛💛

  12. I feel like i am cleaning all the time, with 3 cats and 2 teenagers, my house is a mess. I know you had a bad day in this video but the part with your kitties actually made me laugh. Cats do strange things to begin with…lol Hope things are going better for you. Talk to you soon!

  13. I suffer from anxiety and depression it sucks .ty for being yourself. I love your videos.

  14. CBD oil did nothing for me. I keep hearing everybody raving about it. Wish it had worked for me. I clean up wax with a razor blade.

  15. i undertstand Girl! My anxiety has been bad too….real bad…my heart flutters even. I would want to clean too. you have to clean daily when you have pets. I totally get it. I've been praying for the Lord to help me with my anxiety

  16. I just love your channel, especially when you upload new cleaning videos, they motivate me to clean my place especially since I'm a new mom now. I love all your cleaning ideas, your an inspiration.

  17. Girl yes, Mercury has been retrograde the entire month of July. It has been causing me problems all month long. Mercury controls mental functions, communication, electronics, things like that. It will screw with online banking, conversations, messages, and just so much more. It has also caused me anxiety to flare up, because it controls your mind and thinking processes. Don’t worry, it goes back direct on August 1st. ……. I’m an astrologer, I’ve been practicing for about 26 years.

  18. My mom has said this before & u should say also when someone says ur house is clean. U need to say unless u live under my roof pay my bills ur opinion dose not matter so keep it to urself.

  19. you gotta reheat/melt the wax with hot water and then rewipe with dishsoap and vinegar 🙂

  20. “Mind your business” girl yes. Even if my house is “clean” I still clean. It’s part of my morning routine and I love the structure.

  21. Lol !! I drink sleepy time tea & it has somthing in it that’s like catnip for cats ( they aren’t allowed to have it ) my cat has the master bath at night . He likes sleeping in my jetted tub 🐈

  22. I know what your saying . We all have different standards if what our level of clean is … I hear ya . I am really overwhelmed with my house & the shape it’s in now . It’s literally causing me to feel sick . Long story short I’m tryin to do too much yard work , it’s hot out & im not comfortable around lazy sloppy ppl

  23. The CBD oil really helps best when you feel that anxiety rear its ugly head. But it works pretty good anytime. I use it for my panic attacks too. I am glad to see your trying it. I feel much better using the oil than popping stupid pills all the time.
    The dripping fridge container made me laugh because I have exact same one as you and mine dripped all over too.

  24. I think the girls were just enjoying a cool (temperature) floor and maybe it fslt like a back scratch.

  25. Did the cbd oil work? I hate having those kind of days. Speachily when you have so much to do!💜 still love the video as always💜

  26. We are alike in so many ways. I also get anxiety. I wake up sometimes out of a dead sleep and feel this overwhelming feeling of god knows what. I am also OCD with the cleaning of my home. When something is out of wack or a sock is on the floor i get anxiety and feel like my house is a mess. I was never like this until I stopped working a few years ago. When i am stuck in the house all day i see the flaws and it drives my family nuts. I am going to find myself a PT job in the fall to get out of this house.

  27. I have seen my cats at really derpy at times then you're like uh why are you acting so derpy And yes it's funny to watch them acting derpy LOL And yes when it comes to cat toys all over the house my cats leave toys everywhere Toy mice Toy birds Toys Star Wars cat toys And among other toys that they have yeahThey end up in the middle of the floor and you step on them and say what is this on the floor a toy😹😂🤣😻😘😍🥰❤😋

  28. "Clean " or not I love ur apartment! I friggin LOVE IT I wanna move there lmao that floor and your kitchen- guurrlll 😍

  29. Girl, I know that feeling. I find that when I feel like that I need to spend some time outdoors in nature and fresh air, even if that’s the last thing I want to do, but it helps and then I feel a bit lighter if you know what I mean, not heavy foggy headed. Hope your feeling better real soon 😊

  30. I get like that when I'm on my period I even cry over the smallest things that go wrong…hope u have better days.

  31. I have days like that, I spilt my wax warmer the other day I used my hair dryer to heat the wax and wiped up with a paper towel😞

  32. I looked up that Mercury shizznit….too much for me..lol…I think I'll just pray to God that tomorrow will be a better day🤗🤗🤗🤗 hugs!!!!

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