World's largest legal marijuana company welcomes CBD regulation

FBN’s Ashley Webster on the booming business of marijuana and CBD in Canada, the potential regulation of CBD and companies such as Canopy Growth …

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  1. When i was 16 I just decided it was legal on my own and did it. If anyone complained about my smell I became "defiant" about putting deodorant on, convincing people It was my hygiene, even my parents. Of course pouring it into a pan and wetting it with Hot coffee and lighting it with a match wasn't the best idea. Been doing it for years. Brushed my teeth regularly and showered frequently. I stopped doing it once people started noticing. I don't see anything happen.

  2. I’m allergic to CBD’s above 8% , triggers my Fibromyalgia …… haven’t found others who are…..or is it just certain CBD’s of the 67 or so different from each other???

  3. Of course they welcome the regulations, it helps keep competitors out of the market.

  4. Regulation is just a way for the big producer to squeeze out small operators.

  5. 0:39 CBD is not "cannabinoid". CBD is one of over a hundred cannabinoids called "cannabidiol". This guy is clearly uneducated in the industry.

  6. Hi, I work for a lender company and we fund start – ups and cannabis businesses, if you guys are serious in starting a business in the cannabis world, I can help out! Only in USA. Thank you & Have a nice day!

  7. FOX has disabled the comments for the Trump dealing counting the Americans or invaders in the USA. you will be silenced

  8. how is it that these ridiculously stupid "doctors" and MSMs fail to see the obvious?

    the people who regulate everything, for the purpose of "safety", are the same ones who have everyone sick and dying from opioids and benzodiazepines! hello??!

  9. "We spoke to a doctor" A guy that will put you on a slue of pills, to counter act the effects of each other. A guy that will get you addicted to opiates, cut you off when the heat comes down for over prescribing, leaving you to get hooked on heroin. That has actually happened, to point it's called an "epidemic".

  10. CBD is not as effective alone. It's a plant for God's sake and it seems obscene to me to have people still in jail for possession or dealing while huge "legitimate" profits are being made.

  11. trump needs to ignore fox news "business advice", in terms of regulations, on this one. weed smokers and growers hate regulation because they know it only means more power for the swamp to over tax and over regulate and thus ruin our weed and our freedom. cali is proof DEMs are clueless and all their policies are terrible.

  12. Regulation always benefits the biggest players in the market. It also benefits the most crooked politicians in the market. Oh wait all politicians are Crooks. Are you Republicans Democrats and Libertarians paying attention? All of them are Crooks

  13. trump needs to come out FOR the growers (small business growers, medium growers and home growers). he can WIN california in 2020 by OPPOSING anarcho-communist steve deangelo because the growers in cali (at least 5 million voters) hate this guy for stabbing everyone in the back, by devaluing their marijuana crops to the point no one can make money, and also because of dem high taxes on weed and everything being over regulated in the area of growing.

    there are 3,000 – 80,000 growers per state (maybe 5 million in cali), in respect to state size, that trump NEEDS to win re election in 2020.

    also, low taxes on marijuana that guarantees low prices on retail weed is just as important because this will win over the buyers to trump.

    if trump just simply signs the STATES act, as a way to legalize it, it will have little effect on getting him voters. he needs to be for the growers and buyers and to help turn illegal growers into legit small businesses owners.

  14. Regulation always hold the small businesses at bay, while corporate companies are monopolizing it.

  15. You ingest Febreeze and other such toxic products when you inhale them. the CDC and FDA gonna regulate those deadly toxic products???

  16. Land of the free???? GTFOH !!! Americans are slave chattel to the Rothschild FED!!! If the government weren't corrupt Cigarettes with all their chemical additives would be illegal' and so would Alcohol!!

  17. Fox's infatuation with marijuana is easily understood, after you learn Fox is now being run by pro-open borders pro-drugs anti-Trump libertarians (Murdoch's son and Paul Ryan).

  18. Yeah what we need more of REGULATIONS! LOL!!!!!
    "I'm here from the government and I am here to help and protect you" …terrifying!

  19. That dr was laughable. Looks like he wants be on TV moreso than having anything to say about cbd

  20. You can order top quality carts and smoke with hearly_cookie on Instagram he delivers to all 50 states

  21. A billion dollars worth of marijuana, right next door to a police station. Who woulda thunk it? 😂

  22. Don't contaminate food and drinks with CBD foreign materials which have impact of dose upon age/body mass and lead to severe psychological disorder in brain and create green hulk.

    Don't use pure medicinal plants into daily food and drinks. It's unhealthy and it's like you suffer lung/throat cancer due to smoking. But you don't smoke and inhaling smoke of the smoker. If you take a medicinal plant of unmeasured dose it's a health disaster. This medicine is used for only to a particular condition of patient. And why a healthy person want to be a patient by wanting these products. It's reducing life at own cost! Beware of deception.

    What HHS, FTC, CFR_Org, Commerce doing? Force Regulations and it shall be exclusively for medicinal treatment ONLY!

  23. Scientist just need to go talk(do some tests) to Willie Nelson, Cheech & Chong, Snoop Dogg, old guy from back of the woods and says” man” at the end of his sentence… Etc.

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