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WisEye Morning Minute: Rewind – Evers Plans First Step to Medical Marijuana

On January 18, WisconsinEye Senior Producer Steve Walters and Editor JR Ross discussed Governor Tony Evers (D) saying that he plans to …

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  1. I for one am most infatically in full support for access to self medicate with the Natural seed, plant, Marijuana. As Louie Armstrong the Trumpet Player it makes the Music play better, sound better & it is better, because Pot allows the brain to focus deeper into right brain artistic nuance that being in full Beta Mind Frequency, left brain/fear logic is unaware of that mental intrainment where just humming to your self is a stroll down memory lane, a self obliged undertaking. The major problem I have with Medical Marijuana is what other Natural Herb does the Medical Industry Hospital currently have posted on their Prescription MENU!!!!!! Nothing & nothing, no Essiac Tea from an Ojibwa Tribe Healing Tradition, NO, Turkey Tail Mushroom as other Country's make use for it, No Pro-Biotics to replenish the Beneficial Gut Bacteria like Lacto bacillus, where customers purchase Yogurt, Keefer, Kombucha Tea , even just Green Tea as a added Complimentary therapy for Breast Cancer, the list goes on & on what the Medical Industry FRANCHISE chooses to ignore, so why the hell are they given full de terminating power & authority to prescribe a Medical Marijuana which if it is to be Medical from a Licensed M.D. that makes it required to have a PATENT be Man made in the Chemical Puzzle Piece genetic scrambler so some Phiser, Merck,Monsanto Bear assburn can extort high Legal Billing & pass over the Pharmacy Drug Counter. I demand you bought & paid Lobbyist penyotta dolls stuffed with Money to keep Alternative health Science in fear of the draconian evil that keeps all Natural Healing Science from being available through Insurance. Chiropractic IS now, because enough public swine have incorporated it into there own self purchase & be damed waiting for some M.D. Drug Pimp to Prscribe manual Manipulation to re leave pressure & alignment disorder,etc. Marijuana as a therapy MUST also open the door for all the other baggage determined to like wise come from Nature & the Medical INDUSTRY does NOT come from Nature but abhors it for taking MONEY out of there pocket! wake up scummm.

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