Will Minnesota approve recreational marijuana in 2019?

It’s a buzzy headline for Forbes: “These States Are Most Likely to Legalize Marijuana in 2019,” with Minnesota as one of the top states on the list. But is it true?

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  1. This will be the election you can weed out the crooked politicians, they will be the ones that oppose cannabis legalization. They are crooked or really stupid either way they need to go.

  2. Minnesota – 1.4 Grams found in your car is a misdemeanor and 90 days in PRISON. — I'm a good guy, work my ass off, & if I wanna smoke a little weed in the 3 hours I have to myself ——- Don't even THREATEN to arrest me!!! Land of the free, huh? I shouldn't have to feel like a criminal!!!

  3. I do not want it in MN. You weed users STINK. Yours houses, yours cars, yous children, everything stink at weed. Out of MN>

  4. Telling tacky jokes about marijuana doesn't help improve the public perception of it.

  5. Statistically in legal cannabis states, opioid deaths are down by 15-20%. DUI accidents and deaths are down as well. Tax revenues are booming.
    Cannabis is the safest drug on the planet and everyone knows it by now. Peanuts,caffiene, and sugar kill more people every year than cannabis. Cigarettes kill 450,000 Americans per year. Alcohol kills 250,000 Americans per year.
    Instead of stiflingly a legitimate medicine, these so called public servants should be fighting to criminalize the real dangers to society that are currently legal.

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