Growing Cannabis

Why You Should Be Growing Your Own Cannabis in 2019

There are many reasons that you should start growing your own marijuana in 2019 as many state bills allow for a limited number of plants to be grown at home, …

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  1. Our 1 St grow Show is 5 weeks underway. It just got legal in my state and we can't buy it till 2020.
    But we can grow it so check out our channel guys.

  2. Being able to grow your own cannabis so you know what’s exactly in it is just as important as growing your own food. 🌱💕

  3. That their is on the main point!! Why pay for what you can grow!?!?

  4. Seriously considering it someday if needed. I have 2 AMAZING suppliers rn & I am sooo thankful for them❣️

  5. and you`ll avoid all the new artificial substances they put into weed today:-/

  6. Yes sir i will 👍 And EVERY YEAR i have left on Earth 🍁💚💨

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