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Why the UK should legalise Cannabis

Heres why I think the Uk should legalise Cannabis for medical and recreational purposes Lmao they wont even let me add a decent thumbnail Sources DEA …

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  1. The way it is in the UK right now, coffee and energy drinks are the biggest drugs.. I think 5 people in the UK have died already from the Monster energy drinks and have you seen a morning person who hasn't had their specially made £6 coffee?!..

    England is Way too pompous and the fact that the same country who started this fake 'war on drugs' has legalised it in over 25 States… Hell, even Jamaica and Spain and Germany have decriminalised and legalised it.
    It's frustrating that every weekend people can get stupid drunk, destroy kebab and chicken shops, throw up on the streets and cause public disturbance, but I can't walk down to my local pizza shop with a joint to get me a anchovy and mushroom pizza 😒

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