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Why Quitting Weed Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made

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  1. Good video man. I’m on day 3 of quitting after smoking daily for 20 plus years. The nights are boring af but I’m trying to push through and get my life back. Your video is inspiring. Thanks 🙏

  2. Very articulate. I broke my stoner habits earlier this year. I used to chain smoke 1-4 blunts a day for 5 years. I’m 23 now and want to live without a fear of being sober.

    It’s frustrating, having no one understand my reasoning for cutting back, or believing I’m just imagining the positive changes, but I’m not. I still believe weed can be good but so far I’ve only found insidious relationships with it.

    Still, I try to find a decent balance with it to occasionally smoke, but anxiety and depression seem to creep up a lot easier when I do.

    I think it’s time for another detox.

    I love weed and had a great run with it, but think it’s time to let my head sort some things out without supplements. I encourage others to consider the same. Thanks for the vid!

  3. I'm a stoner and I agree with you. I fucking hate stoner culture. I'm quitting, but I plan on toking again occasionally. Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan did some damage (in addition to all the good they've done).

  4. I totally loved you break down and your examples. It’s like a vicious cycle you go thru from trying to decide if it’s working against you or for you ( although if your honest with yourself you know it’s totally working against you). Great video buddy!!🙂👍🏼

  5. good points, and much needed right now for everyone. i also find that its the most seemingly innocuous way to lose years off your life…its been far too many for me.

  6. Been smoking for 6 years. Love this, I'm on day 3 trying to make it to 30. I'm struggling but this helps

  7. Cool video man, very honest when I first started smoking I thought weed had zero side effects because that's how it was at the time but u start noticing the problems later on in the future , finding a plug, spending money on it, being high and not productive and becoming addicted to it without even knowing . There were times when I felt stuck at and ended up getting rid of all my weed stuff and after a few days of not smoking and felt more clear minded and motivated and started working out for like 3 weeks then I thought hey maybe I can still smoke it but be more responsible . So what happened was I still worked out and after wards I would smoke and then everyday I would work out less and less until I completly stopped and was back in the stoner cycle.. It's crazy bro people be like "maaaaan weed ain't addicting ive just been smoking it everyday for the past 10 years and spend 2/3rds of my paycheck on it cause it "calms me"

  8. Always enjoyable to see you speaking from the heart. I'm eagerly awaiting the next video of you trying out scales at a Walmart.

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