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Why I Stopped Smoking Weed… (Life Changing) || How Do I Feel After Six Months???

What’s up youtube, in this video i talk about how being sober for 6 months has been and the life changing results thats came so far. I also explain why i #stopped …

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  1. Im 5 months weed free….i stoped because i suffer from "costochondritis" and man….panic attacks really bad and anxiaty. Im 33 and i dont want to die cuz it feels like that with that condition….i have a family…so fir me my fam comes first and heath i feel great. And in progress of cleansing my body and mind. I misd it but ibdont look for it. Life is beautiful….

  2. 2 months clean. for me the hardest part of quitting was/is the fact that its everywhere. music, movies, everything promotes it. and so many ppl are in so much denial, they say it is not addictive, you are not using it right, etc.. yeah ofc it will even stop the ice caps melting lol. i don't have withdrawals anymore but the craving is something i fight every day

  3. 72 hours in after years and years of multiple times a day use . First night was hard but much better now . Believe me y’all , the first day is the hardest and it’s hopefully only gonna get better. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. I went a whole calendar, it feels good, but I let my fake friends to allow me to think sober is boring, I would be 10 years clean. Dont trade the sober life in.

  5. Nah man i like fuckin up because of weed makes the ride of life more intense

  6. Thanks man , Im smokin everyday so many joints. Its the only thing in my mind to chill with friends and smoke.This Video was like a wake up for me🤯
    I will quit Today and try to manage my life again . 🤔🤖💯

  7. AMA go sober for a year starting June went sober for a week and started smoking again so ama try again

  8. I know somebody who has to smoke to eat and sleep life is beautiful with out smoking weed Thanks for the vid brah you a real brotha.

  9. I’m gonna stop smoking and finally focus on my dreams and goals. I hope to find my better self and my strongest self this year💪🏼🙌🏼

  10. 9 months that I stop….worst shit ever….2019 is the year of awaking… video ever.

  11. Just do CBD no THC 👌🏽

    YOU DONT HAVE TO GET HIGH! CBD will relax you without getting high.

  12. I wake up go to work get home chill then smoke to relax and fall asleep what’s the problem there is not one there’s a time and place for everything priority’s you know

  13. Day one beginning after this bong. The part he started talking about not being happy, then said nah I don’t wanna talk about that. LISTEN to that voice. That sentance there just took me away from the ganja. Thanks kingsaint

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