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Why I Quit Smoking Weed And Drinking Alcohol

Why I Quit Smoking Weed And Drinking Alcohol Because YouTube changed its algorithm, hit this link *Because YouTube changed its algorithm, hit this link …

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  1. God Is Real Change Your Life Now Before Its too late, go tell somebody you love them trust me that will life their spirit more than anything

  2. i quit alcohol but weed… i can't sleep if i don't smoke i can't eat, i can't even focus without it
    medical weed help me with my adhd and other mental health shits…
    keep it up my brother, i will join you some day;)

  3. Never seen a yt vid with this much truth and realness. I hope i can get to your level of enlightenment someday

  4. I had the SAME THING death (man in a black cloak) was standing by the side of my bed starring at me, I know that was a wake up call to stop doing what I’m doing and fix up.

  5. I’m on day 2 of quitting weed.
    You are a great motivater man, thank you so much for sharing you’re life story.

  6. Awesome video brother. Keep it up. Very helpful for me to watch and hear you out.

  7. Blessings ahch I am from Broward county to and for me I salute you. I know there's not to many of us in this truth where we come from in truth knowing our history as ISRAELITES. Not many of us around apart of the blessed 144,000. Maybe sometimes we can link up and help one another I myself need someone in this truth to lift me as well . Peace,blessings,and love to you Israel .much love


  9. I stopped smoking in 2005 after the birth of my first born…. welcome.

  10. What's good my G. Finally did my first YouTube video. Definitely gave you a Shout Out. It's not the best cause it's my first. I'll get the hang of it. Salute ISMOKEHIPHOP, BLESS ONE…..💯💪👑

  11. I stop smoking too … cold sweat 😰 anxiety attacks crazy shit it’s hard 😭lol

  12. Your channel deserve more subs and views! You are a very intelligent brother!

  13. Bro all the way from Chicago much love bro I don’t drink but I’m 15 and I do smoke weed everyday with my friends cuz it’s the only thing I have to help me calm down and feel good but you right I wake up depressed a little but that’s not a big deal I just be wanting good in life and money. I been through so much I don’t even speak about but everything you said In this video is straight up real shit I also respect the fact that you got love for Chicago like that 💯

  14. This video is helping me man. I’ve read some comments and I agree. Follow the path of god,
    do what you feel is right ,
    you will be shown the path of least resistance ,your patience will be rewarded.

  15. BLESS ONE!!! Sounds soooooo much better my brother than Ismokehiphop!! Putting your best foot forward regardless of what people say and think is the deepest and best way to go my brother!! Peace and blessings!!

  16. So very proud of you ISM… Keep up the good fight!! Just don't give up, remember the very same reason why you stopped putting all that poison in you my brother.. God will give you the strength you need, just keep resisting the devil, he will flee and God will send ministers to minister to you!! Peace and blessings my brother, im with you 100 percent!!

  17. discipline and determination is what it takes and I believe you have both💯😊

  18. I can't stop smoking weed because my life is not and will not get better

  19. Salute to you and your growth bro! I wish you well on your journey to whatever enlightenment you seek

  20. Bitchass nigga stop smoking weed now he smoking crack with his whore wife and gay ass son

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