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Why I Don’t Want To Grow Indoor – July 8th 2019

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  1. Outdoor is way better the best highs I've had are always from out door or mixed indoor and outdoor also there's verry verry potent outdoor much more potent high then all this fancy brocolli looking nugs

  2. I like outdoor grow weed. My homie made compost and give it to the plants witch helped it grow alot no chemicals no PH just regular water

  3. Props bro you do you I started on indoor now I’m doing both totally different from one another…I haven’t made a vid yet for YouTube but post regularly on the gram ✌️❤️ my friend

  4. hey dude dont worry about what anyone tells you. you cant clone the sun. u cant beat it……if I was able to grow outdoors here I DEF WOULD. I'm from new England so we have 3 or 4 months of decent weather. and even when it Is warm enough. its WAY too humid

  5. the only advantage growing inside has is you can control everything. Humidity, water,ect,ect

  6. okay wer get it damn.. whats the point of this video? its like your repeating the same exact thing over and over agin

  7. Thats some real truth you’re talking . Life’s short thats why i don’t get all the hate on cannabis (i live in the netherlands) it used to be pretty accepted here but they are going backwards criminalizing everything. Have grown outdoors for 15 years since i was 9. And now i grow indoors for about one year and it’s way better to grow indoor than outdoor in my case the netherlands has pretty shitty westher and a lot of pests who love some edibles still on the plant lol. Anyway i don’t get why people like the police would devote their lifes to busting people over a fucking medical plant

  8. I wish I could grow outdoors in Michigan but the quality never turns out right. It’s gets too hot in July and around the start of September it usually rains a lot and gets very humid .

  9. Cheers bro looking nice go check our garden out much grow love and respect

  10. Nice setup…speaking strictly as somebody that hates to mow,i love your use of mulch….very nice

  11. Here in Maryland we do both indoor and outdoor do your thing bro love the garden

  12. Quality… but it. Can be just as good out door. But indoor with co2 and hydro it is q lot of work. I've tried every way. They all make different but similar product. Outdoor grow I love for yield. But indoor you can get that much better buds. And honestly the biggest point is always. Where you grow. Oregon Washington Arizona cali different regions of each it goes from you can't outdoor to you maybe to you can all year. So saying outdoor is best you don't know other people's environments. You maybe in socal or Florida parts of az where it's Mexico lol parts of Texas. Other places it not. Also honestly with growing indoor outdoor. Maybe you dont know how. And that type of way didint work.

  13. Plants look great! Your outlook on life is refreshing. Good to see someone enjoying their passion. Keep it up! Subbed.

  14. Yap yap yap yap. Lol. Don't use up all your words at once. Save some for tomorrow 😁

  15. Nice grow bro from Raymond in new Zealand here we gave the best of everything omly trouble is it's illegal but we have the best grow conditions love the work bro

    Later on in life, you are going to come to a point were you will be able to grow the most amazing weed known to man.
    you don't do any of that growing outdoors. your not a failure keep grinding and you will become a real master grower.

  17. Doesn't like the smell of grow/ loves the doe, fkn wimin eh.
    No comparison with outdoor v indoor.
    Outdoor = extraction.
    Wait till winter and try it.
    indoors is for pro gro.
    Be cool my man

  18. I'm the one! live in SA and do more than 25 strains at once. Hydro, indoor, outside. who do you want to see?

  19. Sacred plants just LOVE BEING grown…indoor or outdoor, yes @Kaligrownbudz awesome vid, great grower support, love the set up!

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