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Why Do Drug Agencies & Big Pharma Oppose Marijuana Legalization?

Attorney Mike Papantonio, co host of Ring of Fire Radio, joins David to discuss the implications of the legalization of marijuana with regard to the war on drugs, …

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  1. Lobbyists are blocking any and all legislation that would provide the freedom of marijuana consumption from human beings it's about dollar bills folks it's about drugs they're pumping into your system that you do not need.

  2. The FDA did the same thing to DMSO in 1965 banning all research, Didn't stop my brother Bob till he went to do his Bachelor of Science for his Pulp an Paper degree using DMSO as a secondary pulping agent to refine cellulose nano crystals (CNC). My mom discovered the anti oxidant properties of DMSO when Her boss Herschler burned his face with mustard gas and put the reaction out with DMSO. Mom called Jacob and he freaked out with wonder drug hysteria. FDA was horny to quash this so they found a flawed German DMSO study and reacted to it like it was not flawed science. At that point Herschlers research notes appeared  in our living room when Bob snooped through files discovering he had an interest in the forbidden line of research.  My brother was kicked out of college, his notes were confiscated and he had to sign a non disclosure agreement or be arrested. CNC, CNF, DMSO, MSM forest product molecules that are easy to harvest, recyclable every where from the dust on your computer screen to the refreshing feel smell and taste of rain water you are experiencing molecules and nano materials sourced from trees and plants.CNC= CNF are self organizing and respond to magnetic and light to form many structure via 3-D printing. DMSO and MSM work with our metabolic and immune system to cure cancer immune system diseases and environmental illness and chemical sensitivity as well as promote health and longevity. It is actually illegal to mention the potential positive health benefits of DMSO/ MSM and the miracle materials CNC and CNF from which our space stations moon and Mars Bases and interstellar vehicls will be made from. I was going to be the product designer so I'm a bit bitter at the FDA for denying my brother his invention and me my career of becoming the designer of all of our areo space and extra earth habitats and the richest person in the world. CNC can be formed into high strength light weight aeronautic materials that are 1000x lighter than Titanium and 15,000x stronger. You should be a little bit bitter too.

  3. in my small town of 700, we've had two kids with seizures to point of unconscious, at least one per day. finally until high school they were "allowed" to use legal medical marijuana and there seizures dropped to near a couple per month. conservatives/corporations are pure evil. profit are their only concern. we should be able to grow marijuana and opium too. these plants have been on earth for millions of years. 40 million americans had no health insurance. we cannot afford corporate prescription drugs… why shouldn't we be able to take care of ourselves then with our own plant medications?

  4. The Stanley's approach to trademarking the strain is the exact same type of thinking as Big Pharma, though. You CAN NOT put a bill in place only legalizing one strain for a state, produced by one company. That's monopolizing the product in that state, and it hurts farmers that have created other strains that might work better for the patient. The Stanley Brothers started with a moral cause and have now gotten in touch with their capitalistic side. Cannabis reform can go in a bad way. The Stanleys would like to go in the wrong direction to help their profits, which would not help access to the other Cannabis products that are already out there. I'm just pointing out that not all Cannabis companies are out there for the same reason.

  5. Marijuana is a natural plant, if recreational is legalized, we have every right to grow your own.. The pharmaceutical companies can't patent it. Therefore, their profits would tumble and many lives would be saved. Do you realize how many people are dying from opiates?

  6. Watch big pharmaceutical companies take over the marajuana and get law makers out law growing your own. Our government bought and paid for by big business.

  7. Can you feel the winds of change? Slowly but surely more and more states and provinces are going to legalize. We have four states now and soon California will be on board. Ohio would have gone this way if they didn't write such a bad bill. I've read talk in Connecticut and even Louisiana, who have the hardest laws against marijuana. Many states are looking at this due to financial reasons. We need to stay on the politicians and demand change. If social media can help people bring down brutal governments, it can surely help us bring a little change to ours.

    I'm an American in Germany, I'm hoping by more and more states and provinces that legalize, Germans will see this and demand change here too. I have MS and would rather take a toke or two after a stressful day.

  8. Make more money than last year. Pot is 30 cents a pound to grow.
    Devil is weed I was taught so hell fire on any drug users seriously my parents would send all pot heads to hell I think or long ago it was like worse then heroine or as bad

  9. For me the critical aspect of legalization is the fact that marijuana traffic does far more damage to society than consumption. So legalizing nationwide (with people allowed to grow their own pot) would take away one reason to seek any drug dealers. I disagree with the argument that pot is a gateway drug. Instead the gateway to heavy drugs is contact with drug dealers.
    I don't recommend anyone trying Marijuana. Leave it alone if you can. But the fact is alcohol is far worse for human beings than pot. I'm one of the weird ones that drink next to no alcohol or nicotine.

  10. COMMIT…………………MURDER………………KEEP YOUR MONEY……………..

  11. I LOVE "smoking marijuana recreationally", was stoned as fuck on ASVAB tests, and scored over 140 on that I.Q. test. As far as driving, I only drove one time while stoned (only as an emergency) because at least with pot, you are aware when you are messed up, unlike with booze that makes you think you're 10 foot tall and bullet-proof. Incidentally, it made me an even safer driver then I usually am, because I exercise more caution, and don't take driving for granted like when I'm sober. It also calms my anxiety behind the wheel.

    So all those excuses are just that: excuses. Legal weed, man – I'd rather see that then people getting wasted on booze.

  12. Is there no way that a lawsuit could be brought against the pharmaceutical industries on behalf of all the prescription drug related deaths. Also, is there no way to bring a lawsuit against them for preventing the development of real life-saving treatments through getting those substances classified as schedule 1 narcotics, when they don't even meet the criteria to be classified that way.

  13. Marijuana was only able to be criminalized and continues to be criminalized because there is an entity (the government) to criminalize it. Blaming Big Pharma/Big Prison on the continued criminalization of marijuana is like blaming a soccer team for winning the game when the ref replaces the team's goalpost with an overturned trash can. It's not the players who should be blamed, it's the rule-makers who setup the rigged environment in the first place and enforce through violence the rigged rules. There would be no marijuana ban without the government.

  14. i have seizures… and use a cbd concentrate, similar to charlotte's web, it has drastically reduced the incidence of my seizures along with the severity of them when they do occur.

    i am thankful that i live in a state that allows for medicinal use, however… this is not the end of the road, as we are still routinely denied organ transplants for our use of cannabinoids as opposed to the objectively poisonous pharmacological alternatives that are available to those of us with epilepsy.

    additionally, we're denied job opportunities, and rejected security clearances all in the name of maintaining the "war on drugs". the irrational belief that war can be made against an arbitrary designation. all designed to protect the profits of pharmaceutical companies and recreation alcohol, tobacco, and the prison industrial complex.

  15. To be honest I can't understand the idea that a company, ostensibly created for research and development of pharmaceuticals to make people healthier would deny research of potential drugs with promising effects even to themselves out of fear that some of their outdated drugs become less profitable.

    Why the hell aren't THEY researching THC, if money is all they care for? Get your goddamn copyright, get money, as long as you stop fucking feeding people the same damaging BS and actually make something that CURES people!

  16. "Another way to treat pain"?
    It's still a drug, just one extracted from an herb instead of being synthesized in a lab… So technically it's the same way of treating pain, just with a lot less side effects.

  17. How can they focus on the effects of pot on drivers? Last I heard there was peer reviewed evidence that there is practically no serious negative effects. And when compared to alcohol related accidents even the outliers were pushed so far down as to be practically invisible.

  18. I often wonder how these people sleep at night.  Deny children critical medicine, throw innocent people in jail, and run a campaign based on fear and misinformation all in the name of lining their pockets with cash.  Disgusting.

  19. I just saw your bias interview with Karen straughn. You lost the argument so bad you just had to have the last say, without any opportunity for her to answer. Up until now I thought you were OK, it is only now I realize how pathetic and misinformed your worldview is. That's a definite unsubscribe! Catchya on the flip side simp. 🙂

  20. This is an issue that could & should have been tackled in the 60's , although it's being done now& your presentation of the David Pakman Show is a venue that explains MANY issues to help issues to go forward instead of sitting idle 

  21. I'm a sufferer of anxiety and depression. Significant enough to make me suicidal. Upon diagnoses, the first thing my doctor asked me is "have you tried smoking pot?". I now take Cipralex for the anxiety and depression. It has various side effects, including insomnia, lowered libido, excessive sweating, and IBS. Marijuana works significantly better, even if only smoked once in a while. Once every couple of  days at best. However, though it is decriminalized to an extent here in Canada, it is still illegal to possess in excess of a few grams. Were marijuana legalized here in Ontario, myself and others like me would be able to more effectively treat social anxiety and depression, even of a crippling sort.

  22. What mike has said in its entirety is scary, it's scary in the sense that I don't know if we will ever, ever have this plant fully legalized. I mean just to prove some point I guess, as far as i know and read, North Korea is pretty liberal with weed. They turn a blind eye it seems though there may be some regulation and rules, but to my knowledge it's not going to get you jailed and shit. Now we have america. Complete opposite, and it all feeds itself. That's the thing. So with what he said, he stated the pharma groups got a bunch of money and lobbied for their stupid restrictions. If tax payers came together to literally find something to make it legal, I wonder what could happen. Or if all groups for legalization lobbied together. Something big economically has to shift this situation vs just a few states slowly legalization / half legalizing. Just my idea.

  23. This whole MS and marijuana "conspiracy" is a for the most part a huge hoax.  I wish it helped me.  The only legit studies that were done have shown links between marijuana and MS are due to lowering spasticity (which in that case may lower pain levels).  I have the "good type" of MS which involves no wheelchair or spasticity issues. I can move around and run like anyone else. It's just I'm always in moderate to severe pain and extremely fatigued while doing anything!  Marijuana does NOTHING for it!  Marijuana only helps like 10% of MS patients.  Between the MS and the sciatica, opiates are the only thing that prevents me from killing myself due to severe nerve pain. 

  24. I still don't understand why pharmaceutical companies don't just jump on the marijuana boom. Even if marijuana makes some of their other medications obsolete, so what? They'll still get paid with their new marijuana products. Wouldn't this be analogous to an update of an already existing product? It's like Sony not releasing the PS4 because it would kill the PS3 market.

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