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When Should I Take CBD Oil? | How To Increase Effectiveness

Should you take CBD with or without food? Before or after a workout? I’ll be sharing info on that and a bit about my personal preferences for taking it. Charlotte’s …

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  1. Hi Megan

    I enjoyed your interview with Drew. I'm glad you expanded to a new level of wisdom on how to keep expanding your well-being.

    Blessings and Light🌟

  2. Meghan,do you take cbd everyday? What concentration. I bought 5 percent.

  3. It’s so expensive. I take a drop before I sleep. I get a good day sleep. Work nites. Wish I could find cheaper oils.

  4. Question! The first time I took CBD I felt it and noticed the effect. The second time not as much and then after that not at all. I have gone up to 60 mg and still don't feel it. How much can I go to? I take it for anxiety.

  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to to educate us on CBD. You have taught me a lot and I am hungry for information from someone that I can trust. I trust you because you actually use it and you personally are not selling it to me.
    I am sorry for those who sub to you who don't want to hear about it and I just hope that they bare with us hope need this information. I also hope that they never have a personal need to natural pain relief or medically prescribed drugs because it is nothing nice.

  6. Very nice video I also already tried CBD and I think it's better to take with food cause Hemp oil is strong and if you take with empty stomach you gonna feel few returns and burps x) Sorry not so sexy but the truth :p . About the brand u use I wanted to try but they not deliver in europe unfortunately.. So I searched a lot to find a brand who shipp in Portugal and I found I share here for people who want also to try CBD but who live in Europe :)) Peace Everyone

  7. Megan, what exactly was going on with your thoughts for the opening of this vblog?

    I’m still laughing and smiling. 😂😂😂

  8. I hope I am not over thinking it here, but I will ask anyways.

    Will the CBD oil bind to fiber (either soluble or non-soluble?so if you take it with a meal do I make it a lower fiber meal?


  9. I would like to see more variety in your videos. You have at least 8 videos centered around CBD in the last few months.
    I have nothing against CBD and maybe you’re getting a lot of requests about CBD, but it’s just not my thing and so I haven’t been as interactive with your channel.
    I miss recipe videos, what I eat in a day, work outs, and showing us around Hawaii. Maybe some ethical vegan clothing hauls or sustainability tips.
    It’s your channel though and you’ll take it in whatever direction you prefer. This is just some of my feedback.

  10. Megan, that video opening was too funny! 😂😂😂

    I just consumed 20 ml of my CBD Isolate oil this morning (500 mg) just because I can and as an experiment.


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