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What Quitting WEED For 30 Days Feels Like | Marijuana Addiction (Episode 3)

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  2. Really good video! Thank you for your help!
    I related deeply with everyone’s experience!
    Your poem at the end was beyond marvelous!

    Thank you, again!

  3. I feel fucking lost , i’m depressed, i smoked to cope with my miserable life , i sometimes ( a lot ) think about jumping off my balcony but a part of me knows that i won’t do it. Maybe in the future when i’m older and life gets more fucked up. I’m 36 now , good looking girl, smart , BUT lonely . No father, no siblings, a Narcisist Mother who abused me untill 2 month ago . I’m not longer talking to her .
    I have a dog , and he’s my everything.
    I really don’t know how to have a happy life , all i want to do is smoke and forget. Or a least pause my thoughts and pain.
    Thanks for your video. I’m just weak .

  4. Yall mustve been smoking the wrong weed lol. Ive been smoking for many many years and lemme tell ya i can still remeber everything. No problems sleeping and energized as usual. So i think yall were doin more then weed or something lol. Maybe you guys didnt smoke weed the way you thought you did? When you smoke you have to push through the high to get to the center just smoking weed wont do anything but make you high. You have to learn how to use that high in a productive way. Just because you smoke doesnt mean your lazy and unproductive if you are then you need to either learn to handle it better and learn responsible habits with it. Nothin agianst anyone here just giving my thoughts on the matter

  5. I'm an avid supporter of the medicinal properties of cannabis, but there is a difference between use and abuse. Im 5 days sober right now, riddled with anxiety and insomnia, but I'm hopeful for the future.

  6. So I have been for 11 years and heck, I've gotten to a point where suprisingly I can quit it whenever I want. Like, I've quitted it for periods of a 1-2 weeks to month or 2. But I admit I keep coming back to it. It really isn't hard to quit it, well, maybe it is in a long term.

  7. Its been over a year, these days I'm doing it a bit too often…but I feel like leaving it, but whenever I have a shitty day, I smoke the very next day. Does cannabis make you lose weight or is it that I'm not eating enough?

  8. I'm about to roll my last big ass doobie gelato 41. I have been smoking for nearly 23 years and now I'm finally ready to quit had enough of this shit!!!

  9. I quit tobacco and bud before and as far as actually feeling healthy quitting tobacco and Chop has made me feel so much better than when I quit weed

  10. groovy. to be able to dream again….go to distant lands. use it dont abuse it. or if you dont want to quit or cut down, then just flush toxins out with cranberry juice and fresh lemon water and green vegetables and physical exertion and hot baths. its good to drift away…..but its also super good to remain present.

  11. 5 weeks now, first week was difficult then it got easy. Eating healthier, exercising and doing fitness now. Will have the odd one on occasion, but not one every day or every other day.

  12. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on weed I hate myself. I have nothing to show for my life.

  13. I quit a couple months ago for two months, promised myself i wouldn't fall back down the hole of everyday use and almost instantly did. Quitting again starting today but wonder will i ever be able to find balance.

  14. I've realized since I've been on my break since I've been trying to talk to this girl who doesnt like weed. I've been overthinking a ton more than I normally would and dont feel as happy. But I have been trying to solve more of my problems, but at the same time I feel like I get demotivated just as easily. Can anyone help? With like a comment or video suggestion.

  15. You should stop thinking that when you smoke you’re doing wrong. Maybe if you were smoking crack.

  16. I'm 3 days into my Marijuana break. Found this channel on day one and watched the whole series. Current symptoms are not being able to sleep easily and I have loss my appetite to eat. Like to physically want to eat. I have to force myself because those munchies don't come anymore and for sleeping melatonin (careful not to abuse that too) with a good sleep schedule is my friend. Life doesn't seem as great sober, but i'm damn sure its worth it. I quit so I can get my life on track. Weed makes you lazy and its hard to stay motivated. None of that is going to help me land a job. I wish anyone else who sees this video a good journey, it might be hard but it will benefit your life!

  17. Well Weed has made my insumia worst. Now I cant sleep, and my tolernce is so high is cost me 480 bucks a month for my dabs, and they dont work on me no more… uggg, I have to quit so I can sleeep.

  18. I smoked 13yrs straight and quit 2 weeks ago cold Turkey. So far everything they're saying I'm experiencing and it's a journey that is empowering to somewhat find yourself again in a better light. Never thought I could stop but watching stuff like this makes the journey that much easier to stay strong on this path.

  19. Thank you for putting this video up. I've done hash and light grass for 30 years with just a break here and there like Holidays. I couldn't get any gear so I thought there was a reason for this. I've always kept away from skunk as it's way to strong for me. Well it's my third day now and the last two nights have been the most vivid, real, scary, realtime 'sleeps' I think I've ever had.
    I have just read lots of what other people have had to say and there all right. I'm getting of it. I'm due to meet a friend tomorrow who may have some but now I don't want it. I didn't think I would be writing this. It's been usual for me nearly every day to wake up have a coffee and a spliff. Not any more.
    Really scary night times through my 'sleep' period. I read that someone had said that smoking all day and waking up from sleep completely exhausted is what I've been having. No R.E.M. Not good. Thank you for that.
    I wish to stop smoking tobacco next week on Thursday – no gear means no just a horrible tobacco roll up. Blah.
    Thank you everyone who has contributed to this video – I know it's not just me now who has been having severe dream episodes. I will now join the club of not smoke anything. Will have to watch the booze too – it's creeping back in already. I think dump the whole smoking game and just keep to a couple of good beers if I feel like them. Could write for ages here.
    Thank you every one again for what you have all had to say about the benefits of not smoking pot anymore. I'm more determined than ever now.
    I'm an old raver from the early days and that's when I got involved with pot it was the tobacco in the joints that got me hooked on fags. I'm shafting both of them. I don't need to go anywhere to do this just hang out on my own and get through the worst few days and weeks I'm sure it will be.
    Peace and love xx

  20. Smh…..yall all sound like addicts. If u need bud to get away frm your reality of your life then its not weed thats the problem its your life. I smoke because i have mental problems n the drugs that the doctor gave me wasnt helping had terrible side effects n wasnt wrkn for my depression n anger issues.

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