What Makes a Great CBD & THC Vape? This Does! | Worlds Pipe Oil Vaporizer

Finding a great THC and CBD oil vaporizer can be difficult unless you know what to look for. The World’s Pipe Premium Oil Vaporizer checks all the boxes and, …

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  1. Please take down this video and apologise for being such a twat! Did you really think this was a great time to release this travesty of a video? At the moment vaping CBD/THC is like vapingโ€™s inbred cousin. Fuck man…just think! Iโ€™m unsubbing from your channel.

  2. I'm sorry man, but I had to unsubscribe. The industry is at a very vulnerable state right now and the last thing we need is vapers promoting the use of CBD and THC vaping devices. Legal or not is not the issue, the issue is that this right here is what has caused serious problems and has actually harmed people. The whole vaping industry could be taken away from us completely and it could be products, such as the one in the review, that'll do it.

    I respect you a lot for the good content you've created, both in reviewing products and tutorials, but this was incredibly irresponsible. I understand the information should be available for people who want to use these devices but right now is not the time.

  3. IMO sorry to say but i knew 2 years ago, the THC/ cbd merging into vaping would ruin the industry. I said this years ago, even tho i believe in it i also dont believe we should have been so open about it. It gave the feds the ammo they needed and now look what happened, our industry is being dismantled because of it. How about just smoke or eat pot and Vape eliquid. Just so angry because i knew their would be idiots would abuse and ruin it for 14 million vapers state side.

  4. I've been following you for almost a year now, and all of your content has been great, even this vid. Vaping is getting a bad rap right now and its ridiculous the amount of people who hop on that bandwagon instead of doing research themselves. We are all guilty of doing this from time to time and everybody just needs to actually take time to look into it, even if it isnt all that interesting or easy to find primary sources. Keep up the vids man, don't let them wear you down. You are the revolution! Lol keep this alive because it saves more lives than it "takes".

  5. Bro itโ€™s because of CBD/THC they want to ban the Ejuice and vape. Be serious. Even if itโ€™s legal the black market of thc and cbd itโ€™s killing people

  6. Where he is Itโ€™s legal and all of it is monitored closely. Itโ€™s a great review so think again before unfollowing in your illegal state ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  7. I don't think this is a good time to review such a device. I reviewed one from Yocan around 2 weeks ago and was very weary to do it, which I did on IG. I have another Yocan CBD/THC device to review and I am going to hold off for a while until these troubled times blow over. I personally think that you should remove this video. Just my opinion and not trying to be a dick. I just think this is more ammo to harm the very industry that we love, you included.

  8. This is the wrong time for a vape reviewer to be reviewing something like this with all the crap going on in the news right now. You should take this review down for the time being. We don't need more bad publicity even though none of it isn't true.

  9. I'm sad to see these comments. Target the criminals making the fake cannabis poisons for profit and the big tobacco companies that have their hands deep inside of politicians bottoms. Not the hardware companies and reviewers. Some people rely upon cannabis products for medical reasons.

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