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What light spectrum does weed need to grow? – Growing Cannabis 201: Advanced Grow Tips

In this lesson learn what kind of light weed needs to grow. Find out what is the best light spectrum for growing weed, the best light spectrum for vegetative growth …

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  1. Very glad I watched this before buying the cheap led lights on amazon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  2. i use xenons from my car πŸ˜€ and i got 200g from xenon and 120g with hps. my cannabis is ak47 auto

  3. Being able to see the plant's real color is absolutely essential for me. I'll never buy a red and blue lamp again, only sunlight white from now on.

  4. Someone combined all 3 lights? or simply used HID and CFL? I dont wanna buy expensive lights… Thanks guys!

  5. Great videos.

    What are your thoughts on supplementing UVA and UVB with fluro reptile bulbs in some way?

  6. I watched slot of your videos I'm having problems with light distance from my canopy I have a 1200 watt vivosun cob led can anyone help me

  7. I don't have just 1 particular type of light I'm using on my Autoflowers. I have several different kinds of lights all plugged in at the same time creating Red, Blue, White, and a Grow Light that has the Red, UV, IR on at the same time. My White Light is a 300Watt Bulb that generates heat too that's hanging way above plants like 4 feet above. Red Lights are shining towards the sides of the Plants hitting the Bud Sites. White LED Bar on Floor shining upwards towards the Plants from Bottom. Very Bright White LED Corn Light Hanging somewhere in the middle Length wise so both plants are getting light everywhere on them. I'm assuming this is working for me since just now White Pistil's are starting to develop more and more each day. Oh and the Blue light is a Flat Panel Grow light that I had for the Veg Stage but just pulled it outta my Closet now after seeing this Video cause he said to still have some Blue light in Flower Stage. I never knew that. Thought Flower Stage was just Red that was needed as far as colors go. I Wish Youtube allowed us to Post Pic's in the Comments so I could show everybody what I'm talking about lol. Anybody who is reading this probably has No Clue what I am talking about with my crazy light set up. Oh my question is how long after an Autoflower's Pistil's begin developing does it take for the Bud's to start forming ? Like if I just started seeing the White Pistil's for the first time within the last week how long from now can I expect to start seeing Bud's Forming ?

  8. Using 50 watt sylvainia spot grow lights. One per plant. They seem to be working great. Node spacing is tight. Plants are alert, leaves angled up.

  9. damn dude you have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to CFL .. first off yo are showing a picture of a incandescent bulb bot a CFL and second off CFL are great for growing

    AM I EVIL?

  11. I plan on using LED lights. How much par do I need per square foot, or per plant, during flowering?

  12. To those interested… CFL lighting can deliver great yields and potency if managed correctly. They are much much cooler than HID and can b placed extremely close to the budding areas. Clever training of plants including using small pots to control size and direct application of CFL lighting will deliver for those on a budget who do not have cash for expensive environment control equipment. DO NOT ALLOW PLANTS TO STRETCH UP OR OUTWARD as this will prevent easy application of your light to budding area. Small pots and one to two week veg at maximum should achieve this.

  13. What's everyone's opinion on the Meizhi 450w reflector light?
    If you had one for your 1x1x2m tent, what light would you upgrade to?

  14. Can someone answer this for me, will x4, 4000k 23watt CFLs, combined with a 23watt 2700k led, and a 5500k 28watt cfl. My seedlings just sprouted but, from what iv read 4000k has mixed reviews. Some say its a sweet spot between red and blue and has more yellow which can help but over all it has the whole spectrum just not much blue on the higher end. So would the 5500k bigger brighter bulb and 4 of these cfls and a extra 2700k led work fine? Its not stretching at all. It seems to b very short for a seedling as most can grow like fuckers in 24 hours but mines grown, but it hasnt gottn that stretchy which leads me to believe its either a female or a very happy with the ligth situation setup. Pkease help me

  15. I'm just growing 1 plant in my small closet I just need to know if I could use a basic light bulb

  16. I think ideal PPFD numbers at canopy during veg and flower are important to discuss also.

  17. I have a Double ended SolisTek 600w-1100watt adjustable. I got a HPS bulb in and it's set at 600watts. My plants are not growing vertical. Is it the bulb? They are growing horizontally. But look very healthy.

  18. Im not sure if its the animation , because I still love cartoons, I think the content of your presentation was nice you didn't ( uummm) us to death and you didn't studder. I agree with some of the other post you should do a (low cost ) lol… dvd. I would want one as a training aid when I start to hire. Thanks again for the information…now Im going to watch it again notes are incomplete..good job..seriously.

  19. Just carry the pot to a window as much as possible and, it can get real sun also

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