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What is Opium Like? Opium Effects and Detox Info!

So what is Opium, where did it come from, and what are the effects of Opium?! Call (866) 806-0741 today to get help with Opium addiction. Subscribe to learn …

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  1. Pej, there are huge errors in your information and script. Best to research before you talk and publish. Otherwise you don’t sound wise! I’m sure your smart! But get your ducks in a row before you go bro…

  2. Great video on Opium, Pej. Thank you! If anyone would like more info on recovery topics, I created some great videos for you!

  3. all MU and Kappa agonists cause withdrawal if taken in excess, sort of like how if a person abuses a gun by shooting up a school, it is the persons abuse of the tool, not the firearm, so why don't we get on the NRA about banning guns, since they are even more dangerous than medications? tell dat yo

  4. Opium is actually the rawest form. By pure i guess you mean the most unfucked with.

  5. You’re incorrect opioids are drugs that act like opiates in your system. Opioids are man made, opiates are the natural accruing form which derives from poppies.

  6. It originated in China? I don't think so …. didn't the Brits supply China with opium and eventually caused the opium wars?
    Opium started in India Turkey Afghanistan area….

  7. Isnt that poppy seed thing just an urban myth? Pretty sure i read that you need to eat a ridiculous amount for it to put out a positive test.. which makes sense to me, as its only the seed, how much opium can one small seed hold versus the plant it grows into, even then it takes a whole of plants just to get one fix frlm out. One plant doesn't give out very much

  8. Is the body high at least like with Heroin where you get a warm feeling or anything like that? I really couldn't tell what the positives are from a "Body High" although I find it endlessly interesting. When I was younger I actually tried to seek out Opium here in Germany but I was never able to find any. Thank for the great Video. You're at 998 Subscribers so I'll say congrats on the 1000 since it'll probably happen until you read this message

  9. Well actually it did not originate in China the United States made it to sell to China please look more into your content before posting a video this is why our nation is failing because of misguided information

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