How Marijuana Works

What is CBD? The Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil by Thomas DeLauer

WHAT IS CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis. CBD doesn’t create a “high” like THC. But it provides many therapeutic …

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  1. This video is a scientific overview of how CBD works. CBD has an effect on many systems in the body, which makes it quite powerful and useful for a variety of conditions. Has CBD helped you? Please share with us your experience. If you have any questions, ask below. Visit us at

  2. Could someone help me with how Glutamine relates to cannabis here? He says "In the same vein we have Glutamate" or something along those lines and then says that with the right amount, combined with the calming effects of CBD, a very euphoric balance can take place. My question is, does CBD cause this perfect ratio somehow? And if so then can it be overdone through CBD use?? Sorry for the long question here. Looking to help out with my lady's anxiety by utilizing CBD, but I need to know what's going on with it first. Thanks! <3

  3. This is the best explained video presented in plain English that I have ever seen.
    I will refer people to your video as you explain it way better than I ever could

  4. For medical use I would recommend using a dab pen and vaping pure CBD crystals in it.
    It's very effective and you will feel it much faster compared to ingesting it while being less costly (your body absorbs about 15% of the CBD when eaten but about 45% of it when vaped so you need less CBD for the same effect). If you want to use oil then make it yourself with pure CBD crystals dissolved in oil. The products on the market are far too expensive in my opinion. In Europe it's about 20鈧 per 1000mg of pure CBD, so a daily dosage of 25mg is only 0.50鈧.

  5. Okay, watched the video. Good info however, can you just say if cbd oil is good or bad and if it DOES or DOES NOT help with depression and anxiety? Dumb it down for this dummy (me). Thanks

  6. i can say for sure that CBD makes your mind less foggy in a sense and your concentration and your ability to retain info when you read or someone talking too you is far more easier.

  7. i love the benefits of CBD i did it for 3 weeks and went off it for 2 weeks and it was an amazing difference now im on it all the time

  8. So, CBD oil. Can I just continue smoking weed and get the same benefits? (albeit with the 'high')

    Looking into starting a CBD regimen, if I can wean off THC a bit, that'd be great too.

  9. I'm high but who told you this shit? How you find out? Lol I'm so gone 馃槄

  10. Personally I love CBD Oil I have been using it for a long time it has helped improve my health. I made quite a few videos about my experience using CBD Oil. Anyone who want to learn more about CBD is welcome to watch them 馃檪

  11. Outstanding. Much of that went clear over my head but so much of it also made a lot of sense. I need to save this and watch it again sometime. Excellent informative video 馃憤馃従

  12. It's rude of you to say, " …they are all acting like crazy experts". They might be one just like you trying to share their knowledge in good intention. Stop talking like you know all and have some regard for others. Not cool. Never going to watch your videos. First and last.

  13. Speak to one, and speak to all.. 99% of the people may feel impressed with the big words, but won't remember 90% of the talk. This makes the talk impressive, but un-impactful. The question the speaker should ask himself is "what do I want the audience to take from this?"

  14. Get an old potato sack made from hemp, put it into an industrial 50 ton press.
    The resulting oil (liquid) that is squeezed out under high pressure is CBD oil.
    CBD oil is an 'inert' 'waste' product previously disposed of down the drain by the hemp industry.
    Although some 'small' medical studies were conducted around 2006 (Oxford university UK used only 58 test subjects, no follow up studies have been done since), there is absolutely no conclusive medical, or scientific evidence that CBD oil acts on any receptors in the human body or contains any 'Active Ingredients'.
    Any 'physical' benefits felt by those people using it are therefore thought by the medical profession to be a 'placebo' effect (physiological).
    CBD oil is the latest in a long line of products being sold for an 'immoral' amount of profit by companies using outrageous and untrue statements concerning it's 'supposed' medicinal properties.
    As long as you buy the product having been fully informed with all the 'true' information about CBD oil, if it works as a physiological pain reliever for you that's great…go for it.
    If CBD oil were the wonder substance these videos are claiming it to be, it would have been available on UK prescription years ago through our National Health service… isn't, and there aren't any plans to make it available. Why?
    Because CBD oil doesn't contain ANY active ingredients that impart ANY medical benefit whatsoever!

  15. When you say "glutamate" – is this glutamine ? gluta-something …..聽 I know glutathione is very important for energy

  16. The only time I have ever hear a great explanation on CBD and its properties. And, I have never heard of its ability to block cancer cells…my deepest appreciation to you!

  17. As a military member, it鈥檚 so infuriating that I鈥檓 barred from the benefits of using CBD oil.
    They鈥檙e totally okay with prescribing anti-depressants & anti-anxiety meds that come along with potentially debilitating side effects, but if I want to use a natural non-psychotropic CBD, then I lose my job with a dishonorable discharge.
    Absolutely infuriating.

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