How Marijuana Works

What Happens to Your Brain When You're High?

What happens to a person when they are high? What is going on in your brain during this? It’s complicated what happens to us when we are high, but we’ll …

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  1. Don't know if you knew but, we have a Discord server where you can chat with me and others! (Link is in the description)!

  2. Am high right now I don’t what am talking about ** it’s so ducking trippy s

  3. marijuana does NOT lead psychosis, depression or anxiety. you have to already have psychosis, be predisposed to it, or have marijuana induced psychosis. with depression that’s just not true. and the anxiety is only half right. it depends on the levels of CBD vs. THC and how prone you are to paranoid feelings

  4. Making drugs illegal is what causes a lot of the issues associated with them. Be safer to regulate them instead of trying to ban them all together.

  5. This was posted years ago but YouTube suggests it right after I just smoked a joint😱

  6. Can someone tell me how this type of animation is called? Wanna learn… Thanks

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