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What Happened When I Gave My Dad CBD Oil

I’m really excited to share this interview with my Dad. He talks about how CBD oil has effected him over the past 9 months. Here’s the one we talked about: …

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  1. I use CW brand also. Same strength as yours, Megan. Love the problems on it at all! I also use the topical lotion. It really helps pain like your dad said..about 2 hours. Thanks for sharing and keep up the cbd videos! I think the world is catching on! It's going more mainstream. The other day I heard a radio commercial on cbd! Honestly I can't imagine not using it…helps SO many issues! Beautiful day wishes to you & your dad 🌺

  2. Hey Megan, will you ever make the recipe videos on your other channel public again? I keep referring people to them but I just noticed they aren't there anymore. Oops! It's been a long time since I've been over there. They were so fun to watch.

  3. The body naturally creates cannabinoids, which is why altering doses initially or in the beginning can occur. Once the body starts creating more of them you typically dont require as much to yield the effects you got at higher levels

  4. I totally just made a comment but I'm making another one. I think it would be cool if the next time you're feeling funky you start a video and take CBD oil so we can observe you shift into feeling groovy.

  5. If you feel anxious and paranoid because you have smoked too much weed will CBD help?

  6. And I'm from Canada so it's helpful to not order don the US and pay the duty

  7. I suffer from anticipatory anxiety so bad- I'm on prescription meds for this- where do you get it and how much does it cost say monthly ? I was afraid of having the feeling of being high because I don't use any alcohol etc so it made me nervous.

  8. I wanted to like CBD so much but after taking it for a week then taking a weeks break and trying it again had to face the hard truth that it just made my sciatica pain so much worse and kept me up all night. I never got on well with pot but thought it would be different with cbd, so sad that it too gave me unpleasant results that aren't your typical "norm"

  9. Great video. I felt like I was sitting at the table with you. Nice to see your dad.😊

  10. So nice to share this little visit with you and your Daddy, Meggers!!! My mom was taking medical marijuana and ultimately had a very bad outcome, although she was taking it at the same time she was taking Gabapentin, a very toxic pain pill. She began having seizures. The Gaba can cause seizures. We're not sure what effect the MM was having. Is CBD oil the same as MM? My mom was smoking it in an electronic device or taking it directly onto the tongue. It was a thick paste, like tar.

  11. I'm a few months into CBD and I feel like it's helping me, it's subtle but I do believe it's worth it, I use Green Gorilla.

  12. Great video. I use CBD oil now because of your videos. I tried CW and it was good but I find that the brand Pure Spectrum works better for me. They offer a lot of the same things as CW and their quality is just as good. Thank you for all the info.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Great seeing your Dad… I've been looking for the video that you guy's did making the summer rolls but I just can't find it. PLEASE HELP!

  14. Megan Elizabeth you are incredible girlfriend! We’ve been using CBD for just about the same amount of time! Life changing!! I’m hoping to grow my channel as big as yours.

  15. Do u think cbd can kill cancer? I’m fighting ovarian cancer stage 3 and endometrial cancer stage 1.

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