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What Does Heroin Do To Your Body?

Whatever you need a website for, create yours today with Wix: How does heroin affect your body? What are the side effects …

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  1. Do you know anyone on heroin? What is the thing that scared you the most about using it?

  2. I used to be very judgmental, but now I understand a little better, how many people just want to scape reality.
    This life is tough.


  4. What happened to the other guy that did commentary on the intro graphics show

  5. I have been on painkillers since I started my journey of beating cancer and I can tell it's going to be rough to get off of it. A few hours of not having it in my system and I feel sick. Right now my focus is beating cancer obviously but I also can't wait for me to be able to get off this drug. I believe the key is in exercise and keeping the mind distracted as possible from the need that is constantly bothering you .

  6. Been clean for 2 years but the drug still haunts me and my dreams:) I still think about it every day at least once. Its hooked to my soul, and I'm weak to its fantasy. Thankfully I have a lot of support and found that life is easier without it.

  7. Wow. I wanna really try this. Need to get away from the thoughts in my head .

  8. First when he was listing the effects of herion.

    "OUU. Not so bad."

    Then he said nausea and vomitting.

    "Yikes nvm."

  9. The infographic show: lets first look at how the drug is taken

    me, who watched breaking bad: The expert

  10. In fact I have knowen 5 people who have been lifers on opioids along with Benzos and all have died very slow painluf deaths after giving up!!! It was the poison that was keeping them alive!!!

  11. All this are you clean business to. Its like are you clean? yes owe congradulations well done. But I no longer have anything to live for? Owe that does not matter as long as you are clean who gives a toss about anything else as long as you ase clean thats the main thing! But I have serious pain and life is miserable and I can not function without it! Owe that does not matter as long as you are clean that is the main thing well done and all that.

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