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What commercialization is doing to cannabis | Ben Cort

In 2012, Colorado legalized cannabis and added to what has fast become a multibillion-dollar global industry for all things weed-related: from vape pens to …

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  1. Yeah I see your point but I'm pretty sure the Black Market is much more dangerous.

  2. So many false statements…. Where to even begin. Let's start with the fact that if you Google his name you'll find this: He's in the recovery industry.

    "Ben Cort has been part of the recovery movement in almost every way imaginable from a recipient of services to a spokesperson to a respected professional inside of the treatment industry. Sober since 6/15/96 he has seen the devastation that substance abuse can bring first hand as well as the joy that is recovery."

    So he's biased to start off with.

  3. what is he fighting for? sounded like he legit threw random facts with no background knowledge in no correlation to eachother

  4. He states argument upon argument without backing them up
    Gives up statistics without sources
    His only message is cannabis is bad
    Come on man…

  5. Not a big fan of this guy, but what he is saying about the recreational cannabis industry in Colorado has a lot of valid points. I have lived in Colorado since before legalization, and it is really disappointing to see what is happening. Many of the small shops have been bought and pushed out by large corporate chains with garbage quality cannabis and many of the owners of these large marijuana corporations are coke heads and other people who don't even use cannabis, but who simply see it as a new market. I personally have friends who have worked in grows and I have personally seen photos of some of the things that go on in marijuana grows and it is filthy and disturbing. If you enjoy smoking pesticide laced cannabis with a horrible cannabinoid profile go for it. But I prefer to support my local growers and grow myself when I can

  6. This guy hasn't been to Champs or any events…Sooooo much CBD and CBD products it's ridiculous. "Things have changed! I'm scared and you should be too!" is the message I get from this guy…

  7. Purdue Pharma story here .. Of course the same is happening cannabis.(tho not an addictive drug for many) Beat it by growing your own and/or supporting your local home grower!!!!!! answer is very simple here.

  8. This talk is not well thought out. The high content of THC is the result of hybridization- not the pesticides or fertilizers. If you are criticizing the product as being “unnatural” than I think you should quit eating any food-plant or animal-produced by agriculture(all selectively hybridized for desired traits).
    Also, the money is not only made on THC. CBD is a booming market. And THC also has medicinal benefits. Please do more research before you spread poorly thought out information.

  9. really after recreational legalization, I cant find CBD without significant thc in my area since all the medical placed closed down. I would have to order it online and the price has skyrocketed. the best ratio I was able to find was 60/40 thc/cbd… I don't like being high, I just wanted the cbd for medicine. legalization has made that a bit more difficult

  10. Last point, this guys speech is a blatant attempt at getting around cannabis legalization by saying "We're not prohibiting cannabis. We're prohibiting THC!" Slithering tactics. Ben, we voted on it & we, the people have spoken. And don't think we aren't watching for ur next tactic: potency caps. Ugh! Just ugh. I thought you were better than this TedX.

  11. Does he know that CBD has some of the worst effects on people who have psychotic problems tho ? While THC doesnt.

  12. I have to agree with many of the comments. I wanted to add that (as has been noted by others) the idea that CBD is medicine and THC is "high for fun" is wrong. As an MS patient I've read more than one article talking about what THC can do for my central nervous system.

  13. 4 min in and he hasn't said anything. TED talk used to be capped at 7/8 min. Get back to it.

  14. This guy made 4 blatantly incorrect statements.
    I was so hyped to see a unbiased and on point coverage of cannabis, but straight off the bat he make the ever popular statement, CBD is the only medicinal aspect of cannabis. Then the half of a percent nonsense that's been demolished over a decade ago(he really sounds like a puppet minded theist trying to argue that faith is fact)
    I wonder if he's considered human evolution and the correlation it has with the world around us?
    The pitfalls of cannabis will never be taken seriously as long as uneducated puppets like this keep getting platforms to spread their misinformation.
    His points on capitalism are definitely relevant, but his far left NPC talking points are vastly outdated and the fact that he's too closed in to notice really sets the stage for corrupt capitalism.

  15. total misinformation, if u grow your own and don't heat the bud u get pure cbd and thca with no high…

  16. When the guy said you could take a bath in cbd w/o getting high at all…guy doesn't actually know what he's talking about. Also he is right he talks like a preacher. Doesn't go over well with this subject matter.

  17. Another person spewing the wrong information. "CBD is where almost all of the medicinal properties lie" Beware of people like this.

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