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Big Tobacco just invested $1.8 billion into weed, so what does that mean for legalization? » Subscribe to NowThis: In …

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  1. You can't ever ties beer or cigarettes on a billboard so why can you advertise marijuana dispensaries on a billboard.

  2. We shouldn’t be forced to play ball with ppl who have made there money off of killing us!!!!!!!!!!! 😡🤬

  3. These companies shouldn’t get the time now to set up shop before the other smaller applicants who have the power of our own consumption! Why should we advocate for them? Legalization is evident

  4. Ciggartte are toxic cough and bad smell stinky on clothes too much washcloths and wash hair by cigarettes are evil poison cannabis are natural herbal marijuana legalization recreational

  5. 5G rolling out before legalization.I'm worried about food crops not RJ Reynolds pot farm.

  6. The only thing im gonna hate about legalization. Get ready to hear about cancers suddenly coming out

  7. People don’t realize that the only way to make it legal throughout the USA is to vote , share posts , attend public events discussing the benefits and participation in order to be heard. Everyone always says “man I hope they make it legal” but never vote or anything to make a stronger case to do so. It’ll probably never happen if people don’t unite and show that more than 56%support legalization. Otherwise the senior citizens and uneducated will keep it illegal because they actually vote and fight it.

  8. Big money sucks! Down with the billionaire company's their terrible evil scum! Allow the craft farmer to bring the money to the average hard working citizen not some giant companies from overseas!

  9. Marijuana will never be on a cigarette model because there will always be a market for high quality small operations. The difference between low quality tabacco and high quality tabacco compared to low quality marijuana products and high quality marijuana products is vast.

  10. Legalizing cannabis isn’t about social justice. It’s about personal freedom for all Americans. Social justice breeds inequality.

  11. If I'm not allowed to grow it, then in my opinion, it's not legal. It needs to be treated the EXACT same as alcohol. People need to stop talking about how we need to make sure poor blacks can enter the marijuana market as reparations. The important thing is ALL PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT GIANT CORPORATIONS being able to grow and/or sell weed. Bringing race into this issue is a terrible idea.

  12. Marijuana was proven at the UW seattle to be just as toxic to lungs susceptible to Lung Cancer as smoking Cigarettes

  13. If they put any of there own brand on the market don't buy it stay with local grown and farmed. Let's keep big tobacco and pharma out of this market if we don't buy it then shops won't stock it.

  14. Grow your own because these companies will lace it with chemicals that will do you harm.

  15. Billionaires been lurking around the cannabis industry

    Quote:jungle boys
    Brealtv hotbox

  16. #1 fear of legalization of mine big companies coming in and taking over , increasing the price and getting filthy rich while watering down the product

  17. I would love to walk into a gas station and come out with a blunt not saying i cant but this time it would be legal

  18. Support your local dispensaries and do your research find out whether or not they are supported on the sidelines by big tobacco companies.

  19. I think that everybody should grow their own marijuana plants specially if they have there on property to avoid dangerous chemicals be included product such as smoking or eating.

  20. We need legal cannabis for health and recreational use.. People need to be able to grow small amounts on their properties (If they choose to) in case they can not afford the products being sold in stores.. The jobs and tax revenue it creates will help millions of people and it will also help free up Police departments around the US to concentrate on Dangerous/Violent Criminals rather than people who are only using cannabis..

  21. Great video!
    Why oh why did u have to throw in the "racial" & "gender" diversity thing in the end though?!? 🙄

  22. It's the new gold rush.states are making 1to 2 billion a yr.more states will follow.but state cannabis sucks.its all hydro chemicals which cause chs cannabinoid Hyperemesis syndrome.neem oil causes it to.doesnt affect all.if u have smoked cannabis for awhile.then smoke state cannabis and your stomach hurts.its something they are using to grow.i don't like how Washington state went legal and people can't grow.unless they are medical.other states allow like 4 to 6 plants. I won't smoke state cannabis.3yrs of stomach pain.

  23. Marlboro is going to make weed cheap. it is really expensive in the United States.

  24. Get everyone on weed, make them pacifists, careless and easy to control (lazy) equals a win for the very Government trying to steal people's rights.

  25. We just don’t like the idea of a tobacco company that killed there customers for years to be in our lives cannabis

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