How Marijuana Works

Welding with a Medical Marijuana Card. Facts you may need to Know!

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  1. I'm in IL and the only drug questioned on the ATF background check I filled out yesterday was marijuana. Marijuana use is being used to remove peoples gun rights. They know half the nation has used at some point in time. But they can't fully tie it to any crime to completely demonize someone's profile.

  2. I just purchased my first welder from auction and got it yesterday. Miller 130. Its not much. Now I have to learn to use it. Any tips. Should I sign up for a class or school?

  3. Man,I'm wondering about one of those,but ,what about a firearm carry permit?You didn't need THAT job…piss on em! I really am jealous now!I gotta figure out how to communicate with you off the air…

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