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Growing cannabis indoors weeks 2-6 – In this episode, I show plant growth while in these weeks as well as before and after plant training. This gardening video …

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  1. I hope you enjoyed the episode this week! I will now be attempting weekly uploads every Sunday moving forward. Key word, attempting 😉 …. I also recently launched a backup YouTube channel in case something happens to this one. That channel will be active and I will be releasing 2-3 videos a week there. Please go there, click subscribe, and click the bell for notifications ->

  2. Another awesome video!! Great content once again!! Great channel and videography!!

  3. jinks proof genetics good for hermies an males, tall stretchy bloody hemp looking things,waste of money, stick with DNA genetics!

  4. I have two LED grow lights… when they are 2 ish weeks old do I use both red and blue or just red?

  5. I've read that splitting the base of the stalk, well, cutting it purposely at least in the flowering stage will help create higher THC levels. 👍
    Use cold water during flush to shock the plant is also another thing I've read.

    Can anyone confirm if these bare any truth or is it bollocks?

  6. Hey what’s up! I’m subscribed and I also bought your book, the audio version, I wanted to see if there was somewhere I can download your cheat sheets? And also, I was curious to why you transplant the seedling into a 1 gallon, then to your final final grow pot. Thanks again!

  7. Lol you said dont judge me.. using the clothes pin! Using cloth pots I use clothes pins, my go to along with long pipe cleaners to train plants, works well actually.

  8. So I can should chop them down only in veg. I want to try to do a sea of gree. I am growing 5 plants. But today while I was repotting them my dog ate 2 of my sticks with the names on it. So I have no clue what is Kryptonite or Chem 91.The one plant has every long and lanky skinny branches and the other just look like a regular cannibis plant. Any help would be awesome. And you have a nice room..I'm only a summertime grower.

  9. do you have to transplant or can you keep your plant in a bigger pot for its whole life? you said avoid transplanting auto flowers do they stay in the same plant holder their whole life?

  10. im new to all of this, can anyone give me a rundown of what training the plant means? loving this series tho <3 will 100% start growing asap

  11. Why did you cut leaves off your plant? If so why so? What are the benefits of cutting those leafs off?

  12. Nice I have 4 ES300s in a 4×8 thinking of taking one out and using 3 instead of 4 maybe I can use one in a veg tent what u think

  13. Ffs. I never knew what was involved. (Not a user myself, never been. May change april 20th. 😛 ). Props to you stoners for the amount of effort to grow happiness. Might give it a shot myself one day. It's like a damn part time job. from–a regular drunk.

  14. Probably a dumb question but will a fish tank plant grow light work? Has 2 florescent bulbs.. one has a red/purple hint to it the other is white.. one is a zoo med Flora sun (max plant growth).. The other bulb is zoo med ultra sun. You think these would work?

  15. Any video on container size? If I keep my plants in a 1gal pot will it flower ?

  16. I must say you seem to be very well spoken and written on the bases of botany. I find it fascinating

  17. no need for that sensor pushwireless monitor, just buy a wifi monitor that works with google assist. I did this and it found it to be a lot easier. It's basically a turn key setup.

  18. I feel like you should’ve started your training way earlier to avoid having to chop off so much healthy growth just in order to top the plant. Seems like such a waste of time and resources that won’t be repaid in the end. Your stem probably wouldn’t have snapped if you had started training earlier too.

  19. Never seen someone "top" so low. Thought you were just suppose to pinch the top node off?

  20. Hello I’m growing auto flowers to can you check out my video to see if light distance is ok .thank you.

  21. I see you using blue planet mykos what do you use for rooting solution? Rapid start? Roots excelurator?

  22. Enjoyed the video. Straight to the point and very informative. Thanks for sharing.

  23. dude can you just break down how to grow?? how much light vs darkness what temp does it gotta be?? how much water, how much food. its like tgeres whole 10 mins videos without really saying anything. please break down how to do it

  24. If the customs ask how your cannabis grew in your property, just reply I don't know it must have been miracle grow yey

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