Growing Cannabis


In this video, I am germinating and planting marijuana seeds. This round I’m growing cannabis indoors and this is week 1 of the seedling stage. If you haven’t …

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  1. It's been awhile! I think it's time for me to come back and start producing videos on a weekly basis. Don't you agree!? 🙂

    Quick note: These plants are currently much further along than what's shown in this video. To see what they look like now, follow me on Instagram @mr.growit

  2. Bruh i found a seed in my sour cookies is one enough to start the plant or not ?…… i finished the vid

  3. Have you experimented with using mirrors? Or do they not work as good as foil?

    I was thinking once they got to a certain height, could you slide a light stick (I've seen some on Alibaba, pink and blue and full spectrum) near the base or soil if that would help get the plant 360 degree light ? And would that maybe increase yields or maybe too much strain on the plant?

  4. Too big perlite and coarse mix for germination success! I prefer Lambert MIX.

  5. I have a question…. am growing some plants and the stem just grows not really the leaf's is this natural or am I doin something wrong

  6. something i do is take about 10 seeds and put them in a big cup and the first that fall down to the bottom are the strongest so yeah thin growers shuld do this
    just saying

  7. What is coca core? I also have worms, (no pun intended) can i add it to the cup?

  8. This is just something i learned & thought you may wanna know. You talk about at around 3:10 of your video, about how you lightly pack the soil, leaving about a couple of inches from the top of the cup so you can add soil, just in case of what i would like to call a laggy stem. Where they kinda droop. I have learned if you put foil paper around the top, it will help out the lagginess, but i use a tin coffee can to prevent this, & it acts the same way. Try it, you will be amazed😮😊 Now this works for my tomato plants, have not tried this with cannabis, but i am sure it'll work out the same way

  9. I was wondering can I throw worms in the Pot to help keep the dirt moist? Or would they disrupt the Roots?

  10. Growing apple pie sativa now. Only my second personal yeild ever. Wish me luck

  11. Love the vids bro, given me heaps of knowledge on how to grow. By the way, what type of tunes you got playn in the background? I like it!

  12. Wait no water seed put need new grow seed it good bit different health seed weed 😉 stick around can't understand sick weed bad funny is seed keep safe 💪/ sweet water yes health grow more water seed good 💪 like purple 👌

  13. Hey bro, I was wondering can you germinate and grow plants out of seeds you get from a weed bag??😄 I've already put them in water for 24 hours and now they are in the damp paper towel

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