How Marijuana Works


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  1. And.. If you still dont understand.. It's okay. I've worked at a medical marijuna facility for over a year and sometimes i still don't get it

  2. What's the difference between hemp and cbd tho? They both claim to do similar things according to you? So what is better? I thought that hemp doesn't help with anything medical that it was for things like lotions and cooking oils etc.

  3. My 10 year old dog has inflammation issues and hemp oil works wonders for him, he's running around likes he's young again

  4. Anna, you explained the differences perfectly. You are amazing for posting such great content and plus educational? Hell yas. (: I hope you have a great day <3

  5. Anna, I’m fucking crying. I’m stoned af currently and you keep saying “Stoney baloney” and it is SO FUCKING FUNNY ooooomg 😂😂😭😂😭😂😭

  6. This is why i love watching your videos.. Very informative and I learn new terms/words from you such as stoney baloney 😁

  7. If you are taking CBD oil add it to lemonade or any citrus drink to make it react faster
    Also obvious fact but a hemp plant will never bud 😅

  8. Dude idk why you don't have more subs. Maybe because I love this kind of new age stuff but your vids are always so informative and interesting, And you're just chill as efffffff 😄

  9. Thanks for all the useful info .. hope you don’t have another anxiety attack. Have a great day

  10. Hope you’re feeling better!! I love this video and you so much. Thank you for this video❤️

  11. Glad to see you back and glad to see that you're stressed is looking like less just by the way you were talking you sound a little bit less stressed which is good because we all care about you you're not just a YouTuber to us well you are a YouTuber but a YouTuber even though I've never met you I like consider you a friend from the other side of the world, cause your into and im going to say 'WOKE' so you don't think I would be crazy. we all care about you, i even got worried that something has had happened to you, I had the biggest panic attack I have ever had in my life, to the point well i would of put myself in hospital, it finally calmed down about an hour ago, I'm guessing certain people based of on how woke you people are there astrological in numerology charts I think those people would have had a week of difficulties that's what I'll call it, and I kind of like sore the worst in society this week and the fact that yesterday there was a terrorist attack buying Australian in New Zealand which now the rest of the world's going to think we're all like that when we're not we are not terrorist and he was just a f*****and i can't of like so the worst in society this weekend the fact that yesterday does a terrorist attack by and australian in new zealand which now the rest of the worlds going to think we're all like that when we not we are not terrorist and he was just the f***** disgusting person who thinks he has the right to take someone else's life in the fact that he's australian makes everyone in the world probably hater when 99.9 9% of australians would never think of doing anything like that we are mostly caring fun to people and the is incidents is lol we were still the western society lake in my general life and the really upset me people need to be nicer to each other and i think the need more could people in the world people like you that's why i worried when you deleted twitter instagram etc, we all care about you well I care about you and I'm sure I'm not the only one that does, do you have people in this world who care about you a lot that you've never met, and that's because you put out good vibes, your a kind person etc, and from what I've seen this week there's not many good people left in this world there are people that just want to hurt other people. And those of the people I hate the most in life That cause panic disorders in the good people left in tonight, and if you like ever come to Australia like you come chill with me I'll show you like the places to go I'll show you the mad as clubs, i have like a guest house you could stay so you could like to stay there for free so you wouldn't have to pay for like accommodation, that's just the way I think good people in the world such as yourself should be treated, but that's if you ever do come to australia i got your back and i'll make sure that you party hard have fun and not just do the boring tourist crap, I'm also guessing Australia isn't on one of the countries you wanna visit, but you never know you could win flights here, and that's all it cost you, if you take my guest house as accommodation and flights are not that bad when I flew Sydney To LAX it was$500 return and I'd think you would be like the most fun person to hang out with, I'd love you as a friend, and what you have heard about Australia's dangerous animals and spider and snake issue well is not a issue never seen a snake in my life and maybe see a spider once a year, cheap holiday there, and back to the other week if anxiety you have we care, like I was actually really worried about you, it's always the kind caring people that suffer from anxiety and stuff like that while the shit people don't get anxiety etc cause they have no care for other life, peace ghee.

  12. Okay but am I the only one who thinks it’s sO attractive when ppl are educated on countless topics like Anna is? K bye

  13. Can you come out with a rap song? You speak so fucking fast and your accent would make it so cool ❤

  14. LMFAO where I'm from they call it Stoney bologna but it's actually called Stone

  15. Anxiety pens are what are my favourite. It’s a pen that has 99.5% THC an it’s in a vape. So it can be taken anywhere without anyone knowing what its doing. You totally should learn more about THC and CBD before making videos about it, because pretty much what you said is false lol. Research is key.

  16. I hate how the cbd market is unregulated.. Hemp oil and CBD are entirely different and a 30ml of Hemp oil contains next to nothing. Hemp extract is suspended into oil to make the common CBD product… but most companies suspend it in Fractioned Coconut Oil or MCT oil, sometimes even olive oil.

    But a 1000mg full spectrum reguardless should be dark as full spectrum is the hemp extract with all of the plant material or "terpenes" included. The bottle you have is very light and doesn't contain that plant material.. which is typically indicative of an isolate or broad spectrum. Cbd isn't regulated so be careful! I pay $300 a bottle for my Charlotte's Web.. but I know I am getting a top quality, effective product from a reputable and knowledgable company.

    I've tried many brands since I began to dabble in CBD years ago.. some of these companies have no idea what they're doing and are just trying to ride the trend as a cash crop. Lab tests are forged, some have terrible side effects from unlisted ingredients.. and some scumbag people go as far as to add spice to the oil and extracts, leaving it unlisted so you get a high and buy more thinking cbd is supposed to get you high. You'd be surprised.. Cbdistillery even, spoken so highly of and I had a major issue with their product. It makes me so angry that such a beneficial medicinal substance is being adulterated and used to make a buck by people who have no business in the field. I didn't actually see benefits from CBD until I did my research thoroughly and found quality extract and hemp flower companies.

    * Edit: After looking into the company, it seems as if they word things to be transparent while being slightly sneaky. They made sure to cover their bases and call it Hemp Oil with "trace cannabinoids and terpenes". A lot of companies are playing off of the lack of proper research and information available for cbd.

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