How Marijuana Works

Weed Vapes Explained in 5 Minutes (kinda)

Weed Vapes explained for all of you noobies out there! Business Email: [email protected] TWITCH: Merch: …

CBD Essence
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  1. But the natural way has a better smell cuh on Crip but I feel your hypothesis loc.

  2. I feel like the vaporiser gives me more of a groggy head high, I prefer smoking it personally

  3. How much shallow pretension can you squeeze into one human being? This asshat is the answer to that question.

  4. Spent 80 on mine after words I use the vape weed in my pipe perfect fucking device for on the go unless u like the carts

  5. can we put the herb in a normal vape ? like a pen vape where we put vape liquid in ????

  6. hahahahaha ur gone get ur ass kicked by censor bro. love ur video, dope (y) keep it comin….

  7. just ordered 1,gonna get it tomorrow ,i'll write sort of a short review on it

  8. I def didn’t know you could use the leftover dry herb for other things… good thing I haven’t dumped my trash tray

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