How Marijuana Works


weed #experiment SOO I did a weed social experiment in UC BERKLEY a couple weeks ago, it seems like you guys enjoyed it a lot. Here you go , a part 2 I …

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  1. I fw these social experiments you doing. Gotta see more like this 🥇🥇🥇

  2. Yoo where’s that one video of that guy taking the hit out of the bong😂

  3. Notice how chill & approachable smokers are, imagine of everyone you spoke to was drunk af

  4. If anyone can help a brother out and tell me of a place in east la where I can get some of the familia chocalate I drove an hour and the shop didn’t have shit pleaseeee

  5. Hell ya bro love your vids I am 15 from Texas You hella inspire me and hopefully I can do what U do one day💯keep going bro keep getting that money and puff puff pass homie😂💯

  6. Do some pranks high asl 😂or some funny public bate videos 🤣 love this channel ❌🧢

  7. Put a smile on my face
    People who smoke weed are so chilled
    Everyone should do it

  8. 1. the wife in your first interview is hot 2. if you gone do these interviews, ask more weed policy related questions.

  9. Bro they White u look Paisa asf 😂 asking them about weed 🤣🍇🍇🌲🔥gelato 41

  10. You should walk down sunset Blvd and ask people if they could smoke weed with anyone who would be their top 3 choices be….

  11. Wish I had a homie like you bro, you just have such positive vibes. You’re videos are dope and entertaining bro keep it up and your shits gunna blow up homie

  12. give out weed to the homeless g,
    it'll be a fun and good thing to do bro.
    and you'll get a decent amount of likes and support.
    think of it homes

  13. We all know those Indias when to the store to buy bud they where right there 😂

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