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Weed Smoking Goes Wrong / Weed Fail Compilation / WEED FUNNY FAILS AND WTF MOMENTS! #49

This is video 49 of are new series. Episode 49 of very funny weed fails and moments. we put together some of the funniest weed moments including wtf moments …

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  1. I've done weed twice now, and I regret both times extremely. I don't know if it's just my body/mind or I'm allergic to one of the many chemicals that weed contains but I felt like I was dying, I had huge chest pain, my heart felt like it was twisting in my chest and it literally lasted a lot longer then it should have. First time was a 100mg cookie and 2nd time was 2 blunts but the effects we're the same even tho first time was a lot bigger of a dose.. I think next time I will try LSD or shrooms…

  2. This dude smoked a chocolate bunny with motherfuckin nesquik… I like this dude

  3. The dude with the chocolate Bunny and the chocolate milk was on to something

  4. Bro that second one really wasn't a fail to me, that was pretty dope in my opinion

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