How Marijuana Works

Weed Is Everywhere, So Why Is It Still a Medical Mystery?

There’s a (lack of) science behind medical marijuana. Meet the doctors working to change that. Watch more Focal Point! | Read More: How …

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  1. Big Pharma knows & knew LONG AGO about the "cannabinoid connection" between human & this plant. It's why it's being taken into our hands, rather than science & government. Pharma lobbyists are biggest.

  2. look at these fucks trying to put an "illegal" spin on this. DECEMBER 20, 2018! .3% thc an lower is federaly legal! CBD is schedule 5 not 1. and in New Hampshire where im from you dont even need papper work to grow Hemp in your FRONT YARD. they sell cbd at every corner store

  3. Oh so they find a way to extort a tax and all of a sudden… the lies that the establishment created start to show the true colours of those very lies… *POP*

  4. Cannabis has been vastly studied and used in Ayurveda. For research purposes, Ayurveda can be used as a good reference.

  5. Children have to suffer a number of illnesses, using medicine that don't work very well and have so many side effects. And what about all the other drugs we are using that are made from OPIUM and HEROINE??? STOP THIS HYPOCRISY!!!!!!! Cannabis is a drug that you can't overdose. You don't get hooked, it does not destroy whole families. Why is cannabis illegal in the first place? I don't understand. Stupid politicians….

  6. The company growing all that weed is British Sugar. The wife of the man who runs the company is the UK government Minister for Drugs and when she said at the end of last year that it has no medical value the value if British sugars stock took a nose dive and everyone yelled hypocrisy at the top of their voices as the minister for Drugs is actually the It's biggest drug dealer!

  7. Lots of issues with this presentation – Schedule 1 means that the government SAYS it has no accepted medical value, not that a substance genuinely does not; "Scientists say that it is more difficult to study marijuana" – No, what those corporate research scientists actually meant is that it's not PROFITABLE to study. I don't even use marijuana, and never will, but I demand honesty and accuracy in reporting.

  8. American research for decades has been to find cannabis' negatives…they failed. Look to Spain, Israel and other countries for worthwhile research.

  9. I can’t stand some of these ppl. We need to study to see if it gets in your blood…if it doesn’t get ppl high and they’re taking it anyway and say it helps when then case closed het lost lady

  10. Oh I agree with legalising weed. No doubt about it. If it cause schizophrenia so be it. Just let those crazy people more crazy. It is part of selection of the fittest

  11. Federal Govt in the US needs to legalize! I'm in Texas and I would have such a better life if I could use this to control my pain. Instead I'm an ex opiate addict. Much better. 🙄

  12. Stop and think for a SECOND. They spent billions and don't know about it. Lmao. Yeah they know. But it can put ppl in prison for it. It was put as schedule 1 for Cotton. And the number one thing that they don't tell you. The oil can produce GAS FROM MARIJUANA.

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