Marijuana Health Benefits

Weed 1,2,3,4 Dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN Medical Marijuana Documentary

Weed 1,2,3,4 Dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN Marijuana Documentary.

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  1. This movie makes me think that the biggest threat in this country is not medical marijuana or marijuana in general but the government!

  2. What’s wrong with the doctor wanting people to feel good Dr. feel good that’s a good thing

  3. It’s all about profit they don’t want to legalize this because it works hundred times better for a lot of conditions than pharmaceuticals the pharmaceutical industry is panicking at the lose billions in profits it’s all political and it’s totally insane that this is on the same list of drugs as heroin and crack the war on drugs is a complete waste of money in this country people should be able to use their own brains and make up their own mind without the government stepping inFor me CBD has completely changed my ability to Function normally. I have Cerebral palsy and I found That low THC CBD dramatically improves my symptoms and makes it so much easier for me to move around.

  4. And why would you want to go to a medicine made in a lab versus one that you know works and does not need any alterations?

  5. Problem is, they know this will work, but Big pharma and corporations can not profit or restrict it enough which then take contributions from the political world pockets.

  6. I hate how weed is schedule 1 with heroin while schedule 2 has meth coke etc, also schedule 3 has codeine

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