We Tried The Strongest Flower In Canada | Edison Cannabis Co.

We tried the strongest flower in Canada with Edison’s new strains Chemdog and The General. With their strain-specific grow-rooms and customized …

CBD Essence
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  1. New you were a stoner, cool man🤪…I like the ruxton sour og, gg4" gorrila glue, and island pink kush…the most dense budd but more expensive is the bubba kush by whistler …the bombay!!! Chemdog is the choice toos.

  2. ive had it,its nothing like craft we all grow in canada,its ok i wont lie,but at the price is full out bull shit,please grow your own with the internet after 9 harvest ive reached AAAA grade so much proper info on net you can grow your own at fraction of price

  3. I doubt thats even a half oz in all those jars but it probably costed more than one. Imo more people need to start growing their own herb. Legal prices are absolutely nuts.

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