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Wake & Bake America 835: 710 Cup, Food Distribution, Texas Medical Cannabis, & Denver Mushrooms


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  1. so if we really want to have control the government. we need to start a think tank. im down.

  2. Wooo! Cheers and thanks for the shoutout guys! Tasting Club is where it’s at! 🔥💨💨💨💨💨💨😆

  3. Watch out for that scumbag Jordan Peterson . He’s a fossil fuel spokesman

  4. Perfect world nobody pays money for leaves. It’s laughable. It’s also hilarious that Scotty is a Marxist anarchist and doesn’t realize it… keep diving Scotty you’re making more sense every time I hear you talk economics. Anyone interested in these topics check my bio there’s a book club there. Specifically David Harvey

  5. It's nobodies business what's in other peoples bloodstream.. Its about human rights.. Its our.bodies our.minds. NOBODYS BUSINESS WHATS IN ANYBODYS BLOODSTREAM. BUNCH OF APOLOGISTS FOR THE SOCIAL ORDER.. SUCKERS

  6. Shrooms are not for everyone. There will be some major problems with this and the backlash will fuck up so many things. Bad move Denver.

  7. Thanks for providing feedback on the non winning cup entries. I’m sure the growers put a lot of love and hard work into growing them and deserve a pat on the back for their effort. Unlike the voting at the cup you and the crew at the bakery have had the luxury of being able to sample the entries over time to really get the subtleties of each strain.

  8. I always learn something when i listen.peace and love coming from jamaica

  9. @19:57 pig are not dirty, its just the way they are kept. They do not like sitting in their own shit. Jew and mozzy and some others do not like pork because of the devil in the pigs story FYI, not because they are dirty. Although Bubda died from eating bad fryed pork.

  10. you are forgetting that the economic system that drives your country is the same economic system that would rather let food spoil then redistribute it to the needy, its not an inefficiency problem….. its a capitalism problem

  11. I'm glad my dog doesn't have opposable thumbs…she'd figure out how to use my torch and be hitting dabs.

  12. The problem with hallucinogens is manchurian candidates. It's not marihuana madness, a bad trip will fck you up. Physically, emotionally, and metaphysically.

  13. Texas Medical Cannabis is fake news unless you have AIDS & Cancer. It will never fly in TX until the fed law drops.

  14. Whats so cool about not being able to fuvking smoke a ciggarette oitside..

    Do you guys listen to yourselves sometimes??? You sound like the vops trying to keep weed illegal. Why the fuck do you care what anyone else does. You really need to learn how to not be a slave to the man.

  15. BIg Agra has ruined the foods we eat and the environment. They are using up water faster than it can be replaced. Water tables are drastically declining. So grow local, buy local organic.

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