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Wake & Bake America 1106: Covid-19 A Boon For Cannabis, Legal Weed In Montana & Are Plants Sentient

Or Go To The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out And Waking And Baking And …

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  1. congratulations to grow-can- advocate aren't these Dudes the freaking best I dab at work so I don't just reek of ganja I can get baked on dabs and no one knows I do miss all the terps I can really tell if I go all day w/o flower

  2. Hi guys at the DGC, love your work, been watching for a few years now.
    2020 has been a bitch for me, on a disability pension, rarely a visitor, and until a month or so ago no garden.
    I can't do pharmaceuticals- they don't agree with me, never have.
    So when I run out of my medicine, its bad news.
    I hate not having my own product as everything else available seems too chemy and has some similar bad side effects that pharmaceuticals do.
    But I have to agree with Scotty when he said the actual growing can be therapeutic, the scents from my darlin girls are the only thing that lift my spirits lately.
    Tending to them, calling them my darlin girls & watching the progress has been my saving grace this year.
    So Scotty, you're bang on mate, growing your own is the best medicine.

  3. I was reading a little about the Canadian Cannabis laws and growing at home. As Guru was saying, "A mother is just a bunch of saplings that haven't been cut" Where my mind went to "If you clone a plant it is identical to the mother plant thus they are essentially the same plant. There for it is one plant lol
    But how stupid is it, correct me if wrong, but you are meant to buy seeds from the gov. in order to grow "legal" cannabis. And if you clone that plant for yourself or to give a friend that now that clone is "illegal" But really can or would they test it and can they track a strain like that?
    Or the 4 plant limit per home not person but if you grow more then 600 gram dry you have to destroy anything over (By FIRE πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ nudge nudge).
    They really haven't a clue with the laws they are making, cannabis or otherwise really.

  4. Thats so cool that EMT was able to find some relief from cannabis as a medicine, and as mental release in gardening.
    Also just finished "The Syndicate" podcast and that was awesome!
    Always looking for something to listen too, so keep the suggestions comingπŸ€™πŸ’¨πŸ»

  5. All dude respect but bros this was kind of lightweight regarding cannabis as a hot commodity during this ongoing covid crisis – wanted more , got much less. Not enough focused research and just too dang PC. Stoner talk is cool but let's talk turkey

  6. Seedless in St. Louis and in need. I grew a bag seed and my first time. Looks like I’ll get 7gs! I need some good genetics to improve yield. I think the connection I made with the plant will make it so great though. This wonder drug helps with my ptsd. Love the show and got some recharge on the way I

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