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W.L.O./CBD/THC vs. the Opioid Crisis Fraud, 4th of July 2019

Wild Lettuce Opium is part of the solution to the Opioid Crisis fraud which has been designed to rake in astronomical profits for the American murder association.

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  1. the CDC says 130 die every day from opioids, illicit and prescription. I still think losing 60,000 to 70,000 people a year to opioids shouldn't be taken lightly. This number doesn't include all the people who's lives are being ruined everyday from the addiction. This includes the addict and those that love the addict.

    When it hits your family you might think differently about whether or not it's a crisis. Unfortunately It looks like many of the deaths are more related to the synthetic versions, like fentanyl, and heroin. Regardless opioids for some people become highly addictive, even if they were given innocently to help with pain, for perhaps a visit to the dentist.
    And dealing with an addiction is a devastating life matter. It ruins your life and those that you love! Because opioids are so addictive it should be taken more seriously how they are prescribed.

    Maybe it's a good thing that because a person finds it harder to get a prescription for an opioid they do look into a more natural remedy like kratom or this wlo you are talking about. Unfortunately it's less known that these natural substitutions even exist, and recently kratom is coming under attack by the US government and it is banned now in some states while others are moving to ban it. Kratom was banned in Asia and the big pharma had no problem admitting that it was banned because it interfered with their sales.
    Anyway thanks for letting us know about WLO,

  2. 🎉🇺🇸Happy 4th of July, Robert. Bless you for sharing your knowledge with the world.

    First time I've read/heard anyone saying what I've been thinking for years, since this fake cry went up about an "Opioid crisis." All because, as usual, the few, ruin it for the rest of us. Namely, the irresponsible doctors.

    In this modern day of pharmaceuticals, they still don't treat pain with any intelligence, and so those of us who deal with pain regularly, or chronically, get left in the lurch, or fall thru the cracks. Then they wonder why so many are seeking alternatives, such as CBD/THC/WLO/KRATOM. Or worse, street drugs. We become desperate for relief.

    As a chronic & severe migrainuer, for 50+ yrs, I suddenly found it extremely difficult to obtain the pain meds I need, when the migraines go beyond what I can handle at home. Speaking of sadistic….the last time a friend drove me to an Urgent Care, because I couldn't stop throwing up, & kept passing out, they refused to even give me something to stop the heaving (which is what I was asking for.) I didn't even ask for pain medication. Dr., just outright refused, and walked out. I've never seen anything like it.

    To make matters worse, the orderly, kept whipping my wheelchair around like a Disney carnival ride, (just what you need when you're throwing up from a migraine) & he wound up eventually, tossing me onto the asphalt in the parking lot. Accidentally, of course, but have you ever? I mean, I've worked in the healthcare industry, & wheelchairs, are supposed to be what keeps you safe from landing on the floor, at least until you're handed off to your own, or someone else's custody, as a liability issue for the medical facility. I could've sued if I was bent that way; I certainly was scraped & bruised enough from the ordeal. I've never run from a medical facility so fast in all my life. Worst nightmare! Never again.

    I tell this story, only to reinforce what you said, about the allopathic medical community, & their growing indifference to humanity. I've never liked doctors or hospitals. It's why I chose, as an adult, to pursue my great-grandmother's herbal knowledge.

    I'm trying to steer away from Rx opioids, so currently, I'm experimenting with vaping a few different brands of 100% CBD, combined with drinking WLO tea, & oral/topical Frankincense & Copaiba combo. (Migrainuers, learn to employ a myriad of self-help remedies.) I can say, that vaping really does get the medicinal properties into the bloodstream quickly, & with migraines, that's crucial.
    It all helps, in one way or another, and I seem to be getting fewer, and less severe migraines since starting to use CBD daily. But so far, when a big one does hit for days on end, & the pain threshold is beyond what I can handle, I have to hit my stash of 4-6yr old, accumulated Rx opioids. (That should tell you how little I use them, & that I'm not addicted.) They're like gold, so I rarely resort to them, but I'm sure glad I have them when I need them.
    I may wind up trying for a medical Marijuana license eventually, but in AZ, the law is written in such a way that even people with licenses, are still being arrested for possession. I'm not willing to risk that.
    There are many people out there with chronic pain, who are suffering… some severely, & on a daily basis. It can make you feel like you're going crazy. It's the untold story, of our time. And unfortunately, many are Veterans.
    Today, I salute them.

  3. Great video thanks for the info. why not start a go fund for planting a crop of each on your homestead when you rebuild

  4. Kratom is way more effective for pain then the wild lettuce. Just my opinion. It's not that expensive either but it tastes awful.

  5. Hi Happy fourth of July for what it's worth back🎉🎶🥁🇺🇸🎺✌️❤️😘🌾
    Ooo I never heard of wild lettuce opium and I'd like to know more.
    I've finally after 5 years or more have secured top homeopathic docs😃👍
    They are rushing me through for CBC or THC for my off the charts CPTSD and I'm so dang happy about it!
    I've got a whole "Lifetime movie for women" in my head because of my life and the medical feild alone. LoL

    Happy Fourth!
    Your a wise cool kind guy!
    Blessings Love and Peace to you dude✌️❤️🎺🇺🇸🥁🦅😘

  6. More people should be doing exactly what the point of this video is all about. Thanks my man.

  7. I have been researching this wild lettuce for about a year now. One thing that I like to know if you have found that isnt mentioned in this video is this, my research says that this is non- addictive . What have you found as far as that?

  8. Great video as always bro…herbs and plants are here for a reason. Love, light and peace my brother.

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