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Vedge Update Outdoor 2019 Marijuana Grow

Tongue Tied Weed Productions is a legal outdoor marijuana grower. Started growing this cycle March 5th 2019 and have 5 different strains.

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  1. Great looking update bro thx for sharing I’ve been battling some wind too but now have them all steaked up at least they don’t have buds yet or they really be breaking a few i had a couple my main branches break i was sick oh well they will bounce back ✌️✌️checkout my new update video thx buddy

  2. Beautiful plants. looking healthy and lush. I'll be following you on the journey. Subbed. Best of luck this year : )_

  3. An advise i can give you is the fact that you need to snip open that fencing around the smart pot will be needed so you can spread out the branches so that it doesnt cluster to much inside of those restrictions going on ….the cage is great for safety and support of the budds that will follow but for now you need to focus on the sun light hitting deep into the middle section of each plant…..sooooo like a pie with a wire cutter …..snip down the cage in 4 section peal it open like a banana …going down until u reach a good level will be able to open up your plants more and manipulate them…

  4. Thanks for the shout out man, i really appreciate the kind words ✌🏻 Your plants are getting big, they look really nice, good work

  5. Right on brotha.go threw my video watch twisting your branches u will nvR have a branch break again.. This what I do to mine it helps creative nutrient pockets threw the entire branch..
    Also look into time over topping also another video of mine…. Everything looks good man.

  6. I've been dealing with thunderstorms that roll through here …50 to 65 mph winds everytime they roll through. But that happens once a week or more here…that's just normal for us here in the deep south. Ladies looking good BTW….😁✌

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