Using CBD Oil for Sleep: My 3 Months Experience 2019

This Video Addresses “CBD oil for sleep” and here’s a gist of things I say in the video… CBD oil has gained massive popularity in recent times and that’s why you …

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  1. I have developed insomnia too, can you please tell me how much mg cbd your husband is taking and what time during the day?

  2. Its usualy from hemp not cannabis. Theres alot of bullshit around cbd. You dont need "full spectrum" either. Limonene terps arnt going to do anything.

  3. hey Kate, so what time of day does he take it? and what strength? getting pepped up just before sleep defo not what I want, I too suffer with middle of the night insomnia. so really appreciate your experience

  4. Full-spectrum CBD oil really helps my insomnia. It is amazing — insomnia sucks and to cure it improves mood, energy levels, and cognitive functioning so much. I am glad it works for your boyfriend. Thank you for sharing — stay healthy 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing! Can you please tell me how much and and at what time of day does your boyfriend take the CBD?

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