Marijuana Health Benefits

Use of Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes

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  1. Cannabis gives you empathy and you appreciate and enjoy life more: Sex, Music, Art, Nature, People, Food. Alcohol can be good too, but its definitely more dangerous for you, i have felt shit so many times after a night out drinking, yes, it was fun, but the next day i have withdrawal symptoms which is what a hangover is and i'm depressed. Now, onto cannabis, its not a complete angel, some people don't respond very well to it, and that's unfortunate, but that's just what happens, now, i will say, that if it is grown out in the open and legally and responsibly in a mature way which it just should be done that way, and grown without any chemicals and using high quality plants then i can't see anyone having any negative effects from it unless they abuse it which sadly a lot of people do, usually young naive teenagers, which is one, if not the main reason why it has a bad name, because naive adults see the naive teenagers on the street corner smoking it, but they ignore all the good hardworking decent people who like to smoke it and the innovators who changed the world who liked to smoke it — they didn't arse around in the pub all day long. Bottom line is that the world would be a much more mature and peaceful place if more people just tried a little bit of Cannabis; people fight when they're drunk, not from ingesting Cannabis.

  2. love seeing the round of applause there.
    Next time after May, less EPPs will mean more honest progress.

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