How Marijuana Works

US Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 4/13/2019 by

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  1. BAMM/BMMJ is a pump and dump stock! Watch out!! Blaze Capital Channel is a "special advisor" with BAMM. He's NOT in your best interest. Pandora's Box WILL be open and be investigated by OTC Commission and SEC. A Halt or Dump will happen!

  2. Dear God please get rid of the voice that starts the video. It's a cross between a New York cartoon character and someone scratching g their nails on a blackboard

  3. I would pay to see bears and bulls dressed in uniforms racing each other for sure!

  4. Great Videos Dan. Thanks for covering LABS.

    Just FYI, LABS is a Canadian company and operate under Canadian jurisdictions and has nothing to do whatsoever with USA due to legalization issues. This is TSX V stock and can't do business in USA as it can delisted due to regulations.

    I am sure you know but Canada is doing 2nd wave of legalization this Oct 2019 where all edibles, concentrates, and oils become legal.

  5. Thanks again for another great video, and I think you need more cowbell in the intro 😉

  6. Everyone is talking about the intro. You all ought to be commenting on the opportunities he just outlined.

  7. I love the intro! I am a huge Christopher Walken fan. You are doing gods work Dan, all the best.

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