Uncanna Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Part – 2

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  1. I’m a correctional officer and thought about taking CBD for the stress from my job. However, I’m worried about pissing hot on a drug test, I don’t wanna lose my job. I know it doesn’t contain THC but I’ve heard stories. I guess it comes down to the brand. I would trust a veteran owned brand over some head shop brand for sure

  2. I’m using uncanna salve… it has been good so far and is THc “free” as in 0.3% free of THc. So I am pleased.

  3. One love. Just smoke. Much better. Big ups from one jamaican to another. Guzumba! Irie mon..

  4. Excellent. We started our dogs on it, as 1 of them kept the others in a higher state of anxiety which lead to all kinds of shenanigans. It worked. We tried it. It works for us. Now, we are at the investigation(s) point of quality, pricing, etc.. Feedback/advice; we have yet to find any negatives after 8 mos of trials. However, we are NOT taking it concurrently with any other drugs in our lives other than coffee and/or aspirin. CBD seems to physiologically strip away a lot of different things, for different people. Not exactly scientific, but it is difficult to gauge the honesty/accuracy of self-reporting from others. As we take our Community away from the realms of alcohol and Pharma, we can see lives getting better and there is more thriving. Drive on.

  5. Marine Vet 0331/Paramedic
    The consistent anxiety can be a real challenge sometimes and honestly trying to go to bed early but taking hours to fall asleep really fucks with the following day.
    As a medic, we do get piss tested, I would never risk my career. However, are these products regulated? Is there any trace of THC?
    Seriously, I’d love some feedback on this. Thank you.

  6. My tinnitus is constant, but varies in perceived volume and tone sometimes, I've noticed it gets much worse when mentally or emotionally stressed. Oddly enough, physical stress (a good heavy workout, pulling a tree stump in the yard, etc) seems to quiet it down a bit. Please keep us up to date on your experiences regarding your tinnitus and the CBD oil.

  7. I’ve been using a different brand for a couple of weeks, definitely has improved my sleep. Mines from a farm in Kentucky.

  8. I wish I could use this… I take Xanax for sleep and anxiety and Ultram for pain, which my job is cool with, but if cannabinoids pop on a drug test I’m out a Federal job…

  9. Has this helped with pain and anxiety? I know it doesn’t really have the full spectrum of terpenes you need but nonetheless it’s a lot cheaper.

  10. Found your channel couple weeks ago. Your website is fantastic as well. Thank you so much for all you do!

  11. Thanks for this.
    As a fellow Marine combat vet, I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2008 – the VA loaded me up with pills and I went to a really scary place. Since then, I've searched for alternative methods for controlling my anxiety – from yoga to "special" cookies. The cookies worked the best, but they're not sustainable in [current year], and as a civilian intel analyst, who knows if/when the rules will change to allow for such substance consumption without nonconsensual termination of my life-long career.

    This video has convinced me to (finally) try CBD, as it's been something I've been interested in for a long time, but was still unsure. Maybe it was the Bouncing Souls intro which never fails to put me in an indescribable emotional place.

    Thanks for the video, brother. I'll be looking to place an order, using your code, today.



  12. If you did cocaine, you wouldn't need sleep and you could put out 100 vids a week…and you could do the Tactical Games and a carbine course on the same weekend…on opposite coasts…and you could shovel my driveway…

  13. Two hits of some chronic and gaia brand kava kava extract capsules help with my sleep . gaia nettle and tumeric extract for my joint pain , phenomenal . Gaia vision enhancement , i havent wore my glasses for 5 months .

  14. Ivan, I appreciate your honest, open and tempered presentation. While you were speaking my mind kept screaming about the differences between correlation and causation and the placebo effect as well. There are so many things that affect sleep: stress, exercise, diet, caffeine, liquor and other illnesses etc and so I can't help wonder how you are accounting for these within the mix. I also wonder how drug testing reveals CBD components: Will trace THC be present a la the poppy seed bagel (6-acetylmorphine) test?

  15. Thank you for this series Ivan, I've been interested in CBD oil for a while for the chronic pain in my hands and your informative videos are excellent!
    I was suffering from constant fatigue, mood swings and lack of focus until I went for a sleep study. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, and now with a CPAP machine, I wake up well rested and alert. So maybe something for you to check out.

  16. You’re doing a great job of being objective, man. I decided to try and fix my sleep with a sleep tracker and the occasional Melatonin instead of diving into CBD. I’ve noticed that even though my sleep has improved a ton just by being consistent and putting in the effort, my stress and tolerance levels haven’t improved as much as I’d hoped. Could just be jacked up testosterone. Looking forward to more insights from you because CBD is still on the table for me.

  17. Hey dude were in a"Tactical Games" or something? I think your in this month's magazine. Is that you?

  18. Well reasoned, well presented, but the only human experiments I ever sign on for is ice cream testing, and a sample of one is never representative..

  19. Michigan recently legalized recreational marijuana. I think it’s a wonderful thing. My mother stopped taking opioids and replaced them with THC and CBD for her chronic back pain. As someone who is very concerned about the opioid epidemic, I think that solutions like this are the future. Thank you for taking an objective look at a non-pharmaceutical solution for stress, sleeplessness, and other issues. I hope you inspire others to try solutions that aren’t narcotic.

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