Tucker takes on supporter of legalized marijuana

Canada becomes the second nation in the world to fully legalize the sale and recreational consumption of marijuana; should Americans take notice? Mason …

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  1. Tucker need to quit drinking so much. It really has distorted his views on Cannabis. He just keeps making up paranoid nonsensical arguments against the proper legalization of Cannabis.

  2. Im a Christian and a republican.
    I cannot live a normal life without the use of marijuana. I have gone up to 6 months without using it to self medicate. The fact is I can't sleep, I can't focus on my work, and I can't relax at all. I don't and won't use pharmacy drugs. Marijuana is safe and I don't abuse it. It is all about educating yourself.
    Always going to watch and listen to your videos. Much respect.

  3. Heyyyy, Tucker's not saying it should be illegal. He's pointing "facts" based on science.. hence reality.

  4. You CLEARLY (!) lost that one, Tucker! CLEARLY! Nope – not a potsmoker writing! On top of it I find it extremely offensiv and arrogant that you ALWAYS use your (rather artificial) female-laughter as a weapon to silence guests! Moron behaviour! On top of it – get prepared before you argue! MORON, a real MORON!

  5. Seriously – amazing how dumb and arrogant Tucker can be at times! DISAPPOINTING!!!

  6. Isnt the point of living in civilized society is that we are more passive and inherently less violent? Also the people who want to be passive and just smoke dope to pass the time are going to be lazy anyways. Why fight the cognitive rights of humanity to have free thought and explore your own mind?

  7. Like listening to conservative media was going to be useful in a debate as controversial as this one.

  8. Marijuana attacks your brain 🧠

  9. I am really shocked just how out of touch with reality Tucker is on this!! An the inaccurate and even completely untrue claims that he is making!! Im a big fan of Tucker Carlson but he is WAY off on this one!!

  10. Tucker smoked too much too fast. He got too high and scared himself. He was a light weight and a snitch

  11. And I don't see why making it more common and having a new market that can co-mingle with many other fields other than just pot smoking… This could be a big business move on America's part as well because then it would be okay to farm it and make/export marijuana and hemp goods of all sorts…

  12. Tucker you are obviously saying that just because some kids in the country chose to break the law that therefore you have to criminalize the masses for marijuana because unless it's legal, nobody is safe to have it, regardless of having children or not… This happens regardless with ALCOHOL and you are a complete liar if you think High-Schooler's aren't out their having parties and drinking! IT HAPPENS and if you don't like that? Either fight for better education or create a manifesto or whatever to educate the young on a critical matter… You are genuinely in the wrong on this completely sir…

  13. Tucker, I saw you today talking about marijuana and I just wanted to let you know that I firmly believe you miss the true point of why it should be legal. I believe you are dead wrong on this subject and hearing what you said about it today truly pissed me off. I have never disagreed with you on anything up until this point when I found out how much you dislike the thought of marijuana legalization. I will always support legalization and I firmly believe America will make it happen whether you or ANYBODY likes it or not!!! Sincerely – Trenton Anikienko

  14. I wonder what billionaire that backs Tucker and FOX has an agenda against MJ??

    Sounds like Mr. Harry Anslinger all over again…

  15. Tucker and his standard conservative agenda. Lying and making up statements to prove your point is sad and desperate. If you support freedom then you support freedom of choice in a world of legal alcohol and cigarettes.
    Turning on a point of “marijuana is used to dumb down the public to control them” is the rankings of a crazy conspiracy theorist. No more people are going to use marijuana if it’s legal or not they have been getting their hands on it the last 80 years no matter. Tucker really sounds stupid here.

  16. Tucker is a prudish c***. Just like the majority of his viewers and his political party.

  17. Tucker Carlsen is just horrible to watch/listen to…. He is constantly one of two things. One is that he is completely ignorant to reality, Two is that he is twisting issues to fit what he wants to get out of it. Lying and twisting the truth, the reality of how things work…. This guy is not a journalist, he is not a news-person, he is just an agent of propaganda. It it horrible to watch him, twisting issues and pretending to be a complete moron (Ore he just IS a complete moron) that does not understand things, and then constantly complain about his guests not knowing things to cover up for the ignorance of Tucker him self…

  18. Wow I finally disagree with Tucker and by looking at these comments many others feel the same way.

  19. You potheads act like weed is some kind of holy sacrament, when it's just another brain-deadening substance. I have yet to see where marijuana use has benefited anyone.

  20. Cannabis destroys brain cells. What sort of assholes want to be braindead and at the mercy of the Elite? Only dopes smoke dope.

  21. I was in fact arrested for 1 joint. Small 24 year old white girl at the time,whom had NEVER been in trouble. Spent 2 days in jail,six month probation plus drug court. Lots of money paid on my part. For ONE JOINT

  22. Tucker is awesome but wrong here. This is old school Republican totalitarianism. As a vet I can tell you there is no better drug for PTSD freak-outs than edible marijuana. Freedom trucker.. We are fighting for freedom!

  23. I guess the legal fraternity has to scramble to find a new source of income now that this one dried up with the legalization of Mary Jane.
    When law get's tangled up in cultural matters (whether what we decide to partake in as far as a God given substance) is exactly like you would swap the spark plug wires on a motor ; everything seems fine from the outside but internally you're not going nowhere. This is the confusion dogging minds like Tucker Carlson and most anti legalization. Once the distinction between legal and cultural becomes blurred, no matter how terrible the result, the legal fraternity will suck the situation to the last dregs ! The curse of the 'law' become economic instead of justice driven.

  24. You see how tucker gets out of control, doesnt control his emotions, while the guy on the right is chilling and listening. If he just listened then maybe he’d be more knowledgable on this topic. As a young person who uses marijuana I feel completely disrespected as he’s basically saying our generation will be complete morons. That is not the case. Tucker is usually right but he is wayyyy out of line here…

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