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  1. I got the strawberry Mellon pen and it's great, usually CBD Oil makes me gag a bit but the pen I got I don't gag at all

  2. if you aren't using a pure cbd oil then there is no reason to be using cbd oil.. most cbd oil out there is trash and just trying to make a quick buck off people who don't know better.. You want an oil with no more then 2 ingredients ( a third would be a flavoring) nothing more and nothing less.. anything more and it is crap and filled with fillers.. Check out the hemp round table and see what brands get the seal of approval from them.. There are only 13 companies out of 100's..

  3. I don't think I've ever actually commented to say how much I enjoy watching you which omg sounds hella creepy, but nah. You seem so dope to hang out with, someone I would really enjoy as a person, not just an entertainer and you don't come across fake as hell like most main stream YouTubers do. I've been watching your videos for years now and thoroughly enjoy everything about you. KEEP THAT SHIT UP, QUEEN! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  4. Awesome! So many product out there. We are growing our own in Virginia and will be selling in the Fall after harvest!

  5. I have someone in my hometown who makes their own CBD. They harvest hemp derived, cannabis is illegal in my state. It's a very interesting process. CBD was a miracle drug for me, and more people should try it. The ONLY downfall to CBD is the cost. It's SO expensive if you use it daily for long periods at therapeutic doses. The lotion BLEW MY MIND, as it was the ONLY topical that helped with joint pain. I got off all prescription drugs using CBD- and I know of many others who have too. CBD really has the potential to significantly diminish the opioid crisis, and I was one that was addicted to prescription pain pills for years. For horrible period cramps, I use CBD suppositories that are made in my hometown. There's literally CBD products for everything. It works amazing for skin care and hair too. I used to be on benzodiazepines, psychotropics, hypnotics, you name it, I was on it at some point. I no longer take any of these. There's a reason holistic doctors are being killed off, CBD videos are getting flagged and removed, and big pharma is trying to get their hands on the CBD products. Although it'd be nice to have CBD covered under insurance, I want big pharma to keep their paws off. Side note though- you can get high on CBD at very high doses. I mean VERY high doses, so it's totally not even worth it for the cost.

  6. If you wanted to learn more about the current legalities of CBD in the United States, check this out real quick it helped me out when i needed answers lol ​@t​

  7. Love the video it was nice to see vlogs if you trying the products for a change😊!! Love you and keep killing it❤️

  8. I love the savageCBD pens. I dont recall the flavor now but it was better than the high dose of opioids the Drs had me on for years. Your amazing girl! Really appreciate this content.

  9. any tips for getting cbd products as a minor?? (Im 17) i have severe anxiety and i rlly wanna try it 🙁

  10. I have been smoking cbd flower for a year now and it’s incredible. I was addicted to weed (I feel like you will understand that whereas a lot of people don’t) and it was really unhealthy for me. I smoked it every single day, all day long, spent all my money on it, even experienced psychosis twice when running out, I smoked for 10 years and even scraped and smoked resin and shit. CBD has helped me so much and I’ll never go back to THC

  11. Ugh, Anna, I am so inlove with your hair! It looks so soft and smooth. I hope you know how beautiful you are. 🤩🤘

  12. I love your stoner sweater (black, red and white).
    Also, currently educating my dad on cbd.

  13. I recently bought a CBD vape. It’s Gran Daddy Purp and it’s 200mg. The brand is CBDISTILLERY. But it’s doesn’t say what this CBD helps with. I haven’t tried it yet.

  14. As a person who smokes weed regularly, I don’t really enjoy cbd vapes. I don’t feel anything and don’t really understand how others seem to feel “mellow” on cbd

  15. Was there someone behind her in the basement I 100% saw a man behind her

  16. Thanks for the reviews…Its always cool listening to older people…Ya your right about people thinking they are better than you or cooler just because they are bigger fans of an artist (Wearing band shirts)…Why get mad or talk sh*t about what another person is wearing?

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