Top 5G Stocks to Invest In 2020 – Top 5G Stocks from Emerging Markets + More

In this video we walk through the basics of 5G and we try to identify 5G companies that have some sort of Moat in their home markets that could lead to greater …

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  1. DoD already used up a big part of the 5G MMW frequencies (spectrum allocation for 5G), leaving less commercial use. The excerpt below explains why the U.S. is still struggling with 5G in terms of implementation.

    "The Department of Defense (DOD), however, holds large portions of the usable spectrum. Although DOD uses certain MMW frequencies for high-profile military applications such as Advanced Extremely High-Frequency satellites that provide assured global communications for U.S. forces, it extensively uses sub-6 frequencies—leaving less sub-6 availability in the United States than in other countries. The Defense Innovation Board (DIB) advised DOD to consider sharing sub-6 spectrum to facilitate the build-out of 5G networks and the development of 5G technologies used in the sub-6 band. While DOD has been moving toward greater spectrum sharing, it has expressed concern that sharing presents operational, interference, and security issues for DOD users. As an alternative to spectrum sharing, some analysts have argued that portions of the sub-6 spectrum should be reserved for commercial use. This would require DOD to relocate certain applications to other parts of the spectrum. The DIB estimates this approach would take around 10 years to complete, as opposed to 5 years for spectrum sharing."

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  3. I dont know if anyonr agress wiyh mebbut 5G wont be game chager as you see when the bandwith increases so does quality of videos and web application increases….i mean a decade back we were saying 4G would conqure everthing but as time came 4k videos started comming out so web application needed more bandwith…

  4. AT&T have already a 7% dividend. CHL have to run many time to get that. I like both.
    I have CSCO and INTC too.
    I like QCOM and AAPL, but not the actual price.
    Listen your opinion about AT&T and CHL, reconfirm my theory about 5G and this two dividend stocks.


    Operators – Jio (India), China Mobile, Globe (Philippines), TurkCell (Turkey).

    Qualcomm is little risky for short term but for 10 years long run- HELL YES!

  6. GLOBE Telecom sucks in Philippines. Wait for the 3rd TELCO player coming in Philippines, it will beat the present 2 Telcos because its quality performance is SUCKS !!!

  7. I would support Nokia, Because we know we can rely on Nokia. There is no need of Piracy problem, Future is all about Information, we habe to think about it. Democratic value.

  8. I went with ERIC @ $6.45, in the middle of March..Currently $8.44..and backed it with 5 — 01/21/ $10 calls. about 90 days ago, AT & T was around $40. + or – From Sept.2019 to Mid Feb. ..the 1/21 /40 calls WERE Around $2.95 X $3.35….I Did Not purchase any AT & T , outright, But am beginning to accumulate some 1/21/$40 calls For between 0.16 & 0.18 per contract (each contract controls 100 shares of "T") , now controlling 500 shares of AT & T for around $85..much less than buying AT&T if I bought 100 Shares @ $28.35 = $2835 X 5 = $14,175 and IF AT&T Drops $1 (Already Dropped from $40) That $1 drop, = $500 and $500 more for ea. $1 lost. Even a $1 drop . OUCH! $2 drop I am down $2000 ..a $2 drop in "T" and my options go to about $8 – $9 a contract OR about a $40 loss.–IF "T" Goes down $5 options go to about $2 – $3 ea, ..a $70 Loss…a $5 drop in "T" owning 500 shares and I am Down $2500…..People Say "Options are too RISKY…..Hmmmm. Most I Can Lose is My $85 MAX! …IF we hit some of those 2500 & 3000 Point DOWN Days & "T" goes to $20 –down $8.35 = a $4,175 LOSS…or about 30% ..requiring about a 44% climb to just break even…Easier to Lose 30% than make 44 % BTW…AT & T Not just a play on communications… is a STREAMING COMPANY, a CRYPTO//Blockchain, AI , and a 5G Play, as well as ISP services…so a multiple chance of getting some GOOD NEWS on any of those sectors can give "T" a BUMP UP

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  10. Tell me; How is one of last month's recommendations doing, specifically LUCKIN COFFEE? For those of you that do not know, the stock symbol is LK

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