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Today I got approved for the OHIO MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD😌

Today I got approved for the OHIO MEDICAL MARIJUANA Card and Iam excited and glad.

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  1. I would wait till it is recreational as this can be used in future by health insurance companies and employers to screw you if they choose!

  2. What's your thoughts on having second amendment rights taking away for having a MM license?

  3. I suffer with peripheral neuropathy and severe pain in my arms and neck from a c3 disk issue in my neck. Anyhow, I was wondering if the doctor signs off do you get your card the same day? I could go buy weed off any corner, but I want the good medical cbd type for my pain rather than a high. Was just wondering how long the process takes. Hope it’s helping you this far my man and wishing you the best and healing vibes sent your way.

  4. You’re vibe is chill as fuck (compared to mine) but I’m drawn to it tbh

  5. Took me 3 hours from setting appointment (there just happened to be an opening in 25 mins, it's 7 mins from door to door), paid, exam (made simple because I keep a copy of all my medical records), register, print, done.
    But you won't be going to a dispensary in Columbus until 4/20. Wonder if I'll see you on Vine St at the opening?

  6. Congrats on ur new apt and the card .it should help with the anxiety to right ?

  7. Great news! Been praying for you, I hope this helps. Looking forward to the next video 😊

  8. Glad to see your back and doing well. Also good you denied the narcotics they were going to give you and you chose a much healthier route.

  9. Hey👋 Buddy; Congratulations 🎉 🎈 on YOUR Card-it’s going to help any Pain You have -and 200 NEW Subs!!!!!!
    Eric In SF-We gotta talk/write soon 🇲🇽🇺🇸

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