Growing Cannabis

TIME LAPSE – Ruderalis Cannabis Plant from Seed to Harvest

3 Month Timelapse video showing the growth of the Ruderalis plant from seed to harvest.

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  1. time lapse always works better if the camera is kept in one place…
    oh well. the bee and the drop of water make up for it i guess…

  2. Where did you get the seeds from ? I have been looking everywhere. Thank you.

  3. I swear evertime i plant a seed put a bud i smoke.. it always turns out to be ruderalis

  4. Why can't you just make your own video ? You're not getting any benefit from this.

  5. Also, it's magnificent how fast these plants can grow if you give them a high quality medium

  6. Thank you so much.
    If you have any personal tips you've found for keeping the buds moist could you please inform us?
    My buds from ruderalis tended to dry out faster than my Indica and sativa strains.

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