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Ticked Off Vic: Health Care Costs |

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  1. Very good points. I’m not American but I’ve been a few times and really liked the people and they do deserve a better healthcare system than they have now. If you want to make America great again*, start with universal healthcare (*you don’t need to, it’s already great, by the way). Vic! Calm down! You’ll give yourself an ulcer

  2. I normally lmao with Vic but this wasn't one of those times. You said a Huge mouthful Vic and I totally agree. These knuckleheads that run the country get way better coverage then we could only dream about and unfortunately they get it for life. That SHIT has got to change and quick.

  3. there is a reason. there very much is a single reason why: the republicon party.

  4. Vic nobody cares that's what the problem is the government don't care whether we live or die they rather have us dead as long as they walk around with their suits and ties that's all they care about and as long as they're in charge and politicians are nothing but lying schemers

  5. You have raised some VERY good points. Many people are ticked off. I developed a multi award winning system that only charged from $14.50/hr… for the people. I was run out of town by EXTREME bad faith insurance bullies. Extreme. Check out this Australian Health Insurance Disaster… . Please expose and share on social media. Vic… can you do a video on this?

  6. Don’t expect CONGRESS to do anything about it, both parties are full of crap!!!!
    They care about their power and not the people!!!!

    Liberals are leading the way to corrupt this great country!!!

  7. That is so messed up. In canada our taxes go towards health care. Why can the American government adopt a system like this???? The United states has a much bigger population than canada. Surely it would work.

  8. Vic I definitely agree with you it’s a sad America society today we work so hard and we get nothing out of it great video well said

  9. It's actually quite simple, the cost's keep going up and up because illegals, uninsured and low income people don't pay their medical bills. The cost get's passed on to those who have medical insurance.

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