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This Video is About Marijuana

Uh Oh. OK. A thing I didn’t say, that I probably should have, is that we haven’t actually had a chance to do as much research on marijuana as we should have.

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  1. In Alaska, it's legal. Every April 20th, the streets of Anchorage will look strangely smokey, and that's not an exaggeration. It's kind of funny to look out your window and get a contact high.

  2. Can we just take a minute and realize he has 240 dislike what is 240 equal to 420

  3. Alcohol is not available in every gas station. In PA you can only get it in state stores (but they're finally beginning to shift to allowing grocery stores to sell) (I know that's not the main point of the video but I always like to point it out)

  4. There is no correlation between cannabis use and schizophrenia, that is a scientific fact. Only reaching qualifier you can honestly say is, if one is predisposed to schizophrenia cannabis use could be a precipitative event, but onto itself it does not cause schizophrenia. Please do Better research

  5. I posted a rather large response, and apparently it was deleted, that is incredibly sad that you’re not open-minded or responsible

  6. It blows my mind that marijuana is a Schedule I drug defined as "no medical use" yet it's being legalized medically across the nation….ok gov'ment

  7. Alcohol isn't available in gas stations in Pennsylvania because, you know, we still stand by the prohibition or something.

  8. As soon as Canada legalized weed there was all the sudden a roadside test.

  9. weed is friggin awesome man. sometimes when i watch you videos stoned; i feel like im being told really super crazy important shit.

  10. Chronic Pain. I live with osteoarthritis everyday. What am I supposed to do take my prescription opiates, oxycotin, or hydrocodone?

  11. Also weed can be addictive, just like food, exercise, and sleep. We need to understand that it can be addictive and overused it just doesn't have addictive properties like hardcore drugs tend to have. I don't know how to say this in a smarter way but potheads are addicts just as much as an obese person who eats 3 bags of candy a day

  12. REPEAL LAWS and Decriminalize Whole Plant THC/CBD—Not for FDA legally prescribed SYNTHETIC THC/CBD produced in a laboratory—End prohibition for Whole Plant THC/CBD—Not only CBD—CBD isolates do not cure crohns–cancer–MS–etc. without the THC—-watch you tube videos of people that cured crohns–cancer etc. with Rick Simpsond RSO OIL !!!

  13. Driving while stoned increases accidents by 30%, alcohol increases it by 5000%, yes five thousand.

  14. As somebody who has seen weed use, in all stages from many different people. I'd respectfully disagree with legalisation. Consistent use over even short periods of times increases depression and even causes it. I may not have many points but witnessing first hand the life draining from many people because of this drug. Is enough to make me disagree.

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