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This Korean Mom Gave Her Kid Medical “Marijuana” | ASIAN BOSS

Special thanks to Dr. Hwang for sharing her story. We believe that any ordinary person can deliver real news and commentary. Through our original and …

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  1. I'm only 16 but I have very bad chronic back pain for an injury. If medical marijuana helps with my back pain and I have access to it, I would use it in a heartbeat

  2. This is so sad but korea pass a law last year that medical marijuana is legal i hope she didn't have to wait too long to get help for her son.

  3. Cannabis had been cultivated and consumed in Korea for thousands of years. The current perception exists because a quisling for the U.S. government criminalized and demonized a plant that can make millions of lives better. Enjoy your chamsul and esses you fuckin chumps.

  4. Will our governments see this? „Why is Marijuana Illegal?“ „It’s Illegal because (wait a sec I knew this one) it damages the brain.“ LOL. Hey Read facts. Why is smoking allowed if Marijuana is illegal? Marijuana should be used for Medical purposes only by the way.

  5. The Korean people are very intelligent and hard working. They will investigate this more thoroughly and come to the right conclusion. Cannabis is medicine, and it can help

  6. Maybe on day the world will take a better look at the plant an get a better understanding of the health benafits it has on people with these health disorders.

  7. As having a daughter with a special need being in Texas where they are barely starting medical Mar. For patients with epilepsy and other medical issues yes people grow up seeing it's bad but seeing medical benefits and having exposure and people coming to the state talking about i5 holding forums answering questions helped that ball move because if it can help people who are I'll be used for medical reasons and people see that look this can help it can be a lifesaver to many make the health easier. More people look at it differently. I think she's a good mother her husband sounds just as caring they want what is best for their child. You see they are smart and educated. Simply that's love

  8. what everyone is talking about is the sacred herb. The first thing that happens is one goes into the zero point, the ocean of love. Next the areas that are clogged and sluggish become saturated with life force. This allows one to heal oneself with subtle forces and the plant also does its work. I used marijuana when it was still illegal. my doctors could do nothing for me. my cells throughout my body all regenerated. The sacred herb was sold in drug stores by pharmacists, was in all major medical manuals. Way to go, keep going. There comes a time when free will must be dominant, as well a parent should have priority in the decision of their child,s health.

  9. Like she said, I think that the legislators in KR should really dive deep in that perception they have as marijuana being a substance that can ruin a life, when in fact it can save a life or make a person healthier.

  10. After seeing this, i hope that my government will release a license or approval for parents who need the medicine like CNB oil for their child who suffered from disorders etc for medical purpose but still banned for people who don’t have medical conditions. Thank you for this video and it changes my perspective.

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